Animated Favicon – Who Knew?

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I suppose that someone knows because I saw one today and it was the first time I’ve really noticed one and thought about it.  So for today’s Wednesday Whim I decided to add one for the Knetwork.  All you need is an animated gif, scaled down to the recommended 16×16 pixel size, uploaded to your existing favicon location.  Then add a html line to your header.  Just copy your current favicon code, paste it below itself, and alter the file name to your animated gif.

FYI – mine is a little knight hacking away at something…. it’s probably dead by now.  I’ll probably replace it or remove it but lemme know what you think!

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Toluu Pops It’s Collar With New Popup Tooltip

Toluu has a added a small new feature to your Activity Page that turns out to be a big usability enhancement, here’s what Caleb, Toluu’s founder had to say about it:

I found that many times I had no idea what a feed was about but, I didn’t want to click on it and then have to click back if I wasn’t interested I wanted a really quick way to get some more info so that is how the tooltip came to be it shows the 5 most recent post titles from the feed and you can click a title and go directly to the source

With this new enhancement the Activity page has just gotten much more useful, and it’s good news for bloggers as well.  Those of us who are total marketing geniuses and not only put 2 silent Ks in their blog name, but also give no context clues about the content, can now rest easier.  All you would have to do is hover over ‘The Knight Knetwork’ and you’d see my 5 latest posts, giving you a chance to visit a post with an interesting title and see what you really think about my writing and subject matter.  Here’s an idea of what you’ll see:

Toluu\'s new Tooltip popup

Kudos again to Toluu for adding enhancements that really increase the usabillity of the site, and don’t forget to Toluu ‘The Knight Knetwork’, those silent Ks actually speak volumes.

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