TipJoy TipThis Plugin w/ Widget

The latest beta version of the TipThis plugin now has a sidebar widget! This will allow users who don’t want to spam their blog frontpage with Tip This buttons to have a way to accept tips on their main page. Just go to the Presentation portion of your WordPress admin dashboard and drag the TipJoy Widget onto the sidebar!

Download the latest version of TipThis with sidebar widgets form the TipThis home post.

Contest: Test TipJoy TipThis WordPress Plugin, Win Premium Themes!

As part of their Theme Club’s 20,000 accounts giveaway, WPDesigner.com has decided to sponsor a contest on The Knight Knetwork!

  • The rules:
    • Install the Beta version of the TipJoy TipThis plugin on your WordPress blog (you’ll need to sign up to earn tips with TipJoy)
    • Post a link to your site along with some feedback (bugs, what you like, what you don’t like, feature requests, etc) on this thread.
    • Once I’ve verified that the plugin is running I’ll forward you the info you need to join WPDesigner’s Theme Club for free!
  • The Prize:
    • Membership for 1 year in the WPDesigner Themes Club
    • At least 12 exclusive WordPress Themes
    • Free support for all club themes
    • You’ll be getting some wonderfully designed themes, take a look at the recent club themes

There are a limited number of prizes, and they will be awarded on a first come first serve basis until the plugin is ready for general release. Comments are approved by a moderator so don’t worry if yours doesn’t show up immediately.

Beta: TipJoy TipThis WordPress Plugin

With a great deal of code stolen from the Devlounge plugin guide (I tipped them), I’m pleased to announce a beta version of the TipJoy TipThis WordPress plugin! The plugin is up and running here with the options in the screen grab:
TipJoy TipThis ScreenShot (click for a screen grab)

Features include:

  • Adding your TipJoy UserID to your header to claim your tips
  • Option to add Tip This buttons to EVERYTHING, this will spam your front page with buttons
  • More selective option to add a button to Post pages
  • More selective option to add a button to Page pages
  • Snazzy admin page

Downloads are available from the Official TipJoy TipThis post or right click and save as here.
Bugs and feature requests can be posted here or emailed to me @ David -at- KnightKnetwork.com

Win a free WPDesigner.com Theme Club membership for testing the plugin! Click for more info!

TipJoy TipThis WordPress Plugin

tipjoyTipJoy is a new service that allows users to leave small tips for content that they love. Once you have signed up for TipJoy you can leave a $0.10 tip with a single click and never leave the site!

To learn more about TipJoy make sure to read our interview with the CEO.

If you have a TipJoy.com account and you would like to add a Tip Button to each of your WordPress posts then I’ve got the plugin for you! I should note that I’m learning PHP and this is my first attempt at a plugin, so fair warning. Also, this is free so support will be spotty to non-existent. Now that I’ve talked it up, make sure to bookmark this post for updates!

*Win a free WPDesigner.com Theme Club membership for testing the plugin! Click for more info!*

Install Instructions:

  • Download, Unzip, Upload to your Plugins Directory
  • Activate on the Plugins Menu
  • Goto Options –> TipJoy TipThis
  • Enter your TipJoy User ID and select where you want your buttons to appear!

Version 0.9.5

  • Beta Version
  • Adds TipJoy ID to the Header to claim your site
  • Stores TipJoy User ID
  • Displays ‘Tip This’ buttons where selected
  • Banner widget for sidebar

-=Right-Click and Save As to Download the TipJoy TipThis Plugin=-

>The TipJoy banner widget is also available as a standalone plugin

>Read this if you would prefer to just drop a few lines of code into your theme instead of using a plugin