TipJoy TipThis WordPress Plugin

tipjoyTipJoy is a new service that allows users to leave small tips for content that they love. Once you have signed up for TipJoy you can leave a $0.10 tip with a single click and never leave the site!

To learn more about TipJoy make sure to read our interview with the CEO.

If you have a TipJoy.com account and you would like to add a Tip Button to each of your WordPress posts then I’ve got the plugin for you! I should note that I’m learning PHP and this is my first attempt at a plugin, so fair warning. Also, this is free so support will be spotty to non-existent. Now that I’ve talked it up, make sure to bookmark this post for updates!

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Install Instructions:

  • Download, Unzip, Upload to your Plugins Directory
  • Activate on the Plugins Menu
  • Goto Options –> TipJoy TipThis
  • Enter your TipJoy User ID and select where you want your buttons to appear!

Version 0.9.5

  • Beta Version
  • Adds TipJoy ID to the Header to claim your site
  • Stores TipJoy User ID
  • Displays ‘Tip This’ buttons where selected
  • Banner widget for sidebar

-=Right-Click and Save As to Download the TipJoy TipThis Plugin=-

>The TipJoy banner widget is also available as a standalone plugin

>Read this if you would prefer to just drop a few lines of code into your theme instead of using a plugin