Contest: Test TipJoy TipThis WordPress Plugin, Win Premium Themes!

As part of their Theme Club’s 20,000 accounts giveaway, has decided to sponsor a contest on The Knight Knetwork!

  • The rules:
    • Install the Beta version of the TipJoy TipThis plugin on your WordPress blog (you’ll need to sign up to earn tips with TipJoy)
    • Post a link to your site along with some feedback (bugs, what you like, what you don’t like, feature requests, etc) on this thread.
    • Once I’ve verified that the plugin is running I’ll forward you the info you need to join WPDesigner’s Theme Club for free!
  • The Prize:
    • Membership for 1 year in the WPDesigner Themes Club
    • At least 12 exclusive WordPress Themes
    • Free support for all club themes
    • You’ll be getting some wonderfully designed themes, take a look at the recent club themes

There are a limited number of prizes, and they will be awarded on a first come first serve basis until the plugin is ready for general release. Comments are approved by a moderator so don’t worry if yours doesn’t show up immediately.

Beta: TipJoy TipThis WordPress Plugin

With a great deal of code stolen from the Devlounge plugin guide (I tipped them), I’m pleased to announce a beta version of the TipJoy TipThis WordPress plugin! The plugin is up and running here with the options in the screen grab:
TipJoy TipThis ScreenShot (click for a screen grab)

Features include:

  • Adding your TipJoy UserID to your header to claim your tips
  • Option to add Tip This buttons to EVERYTHING, this will spam your front page with buttons
  • More selective option to add a button to Post pages
  • More selective option to add a button to Page pages
  • Snazzy admin page

Downloads are available from the Official TipJoy TipThis post or right click and save as here.
Bugs and feature requests can be posted here or emailed to me @ David -at-

Win a free Theme Club membership for testing the plugin! Click for more info!

Installing TipJoy onto a WordPress Theme

tipjoyI’ve ditched my paypal buttons and am going with TipJoy! More on TipJoy in a later post. I’m sure someone will build a TipJoy plugin for this soon (UPDATE – ok it looks like it will be me), but until then here’s my setup for a self hosted WordPress site, I’m not an expert on WordPress code so try this at your own risk:


  • You’re going to want to disable WP-Cache while testing (if you have it)
  • Backing up your theme files before you get started would be a GREAT idea
  • Open in a new window or tab TipJoy’s banner page
  • Open in a new window or tab your homepage
  • Open in a new window or tab your WordPress Admin Page > Presentation > Theme Editor

Banner on Sidebar (or footer or whatever):

  • Generate the HTML you need from TipJoy, highlight it, and copy it
  • In the Theme Editor, open your sidebar page
  • Determine where in your sidebar you want the banner and find that in the sidebar code. Using your browser’s find function for some nearby text can make this go faster
  • Paste that code from TipJoy in where you want it and click the Update File button
  • Refresh your homepage
  • Don’t like it? Keep tweaking the location until you do!

Tip This button on each post:

  • Generate the HTML you need for the button from TipJoy, type Replace1 for the URL and Replace2 for the title (we’re going to replace them). Highlight and copy it
  • In the Theme Editor open your Single Post page (or whatever you have that’s similar)
  • You’ll want to tinker with this, but somewhere after the <?php the_content statement paste in your button code
  • Replace Replace1 with <?php the_permalink() ?>
  • Replace Replace2 with <?php the_title(); ?> be careful not to delete the existing end quotes
  • Click the Update File button
  • Goto a single post on your site and see if you like where the button is.
  • If you want to test then I suggest you clear your browser’s cookies and continue. Otherwise you’re done!
  • Click it to test and it will pop out a text box.
  • Under that text box you’ll see some text to sign in if you are already a member, click that
  • Your post’s title and URL should be on the page correctly!

Please post in the comments if this works / doesn’t work for you, I’ll help if I can and if not then maybe another reader will be able to!