CA Internet Security Uninstall Error W9011

Joe working within the constricts of work's security firewall

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CA Internet security and I haven’t gotten along very well in the past and my attempts to get rid of it were just a continuation of the same problems. Previously I had had problems getting a Removed by HIPS FW error on webpages and that led to me researching the efw file problem that so many people were having. Well, the next and hopefully final problem I’ve had is when trying to uninstall. I was signed in as the administrator but still got a W9011 error claiming I didn’t have the correct permissions and giving me a registry key.

It’s pretty easy to give yourself the correct permissions, but we do have to dive into the registry so you’ll want to be very careful and change only the items that are listed in the error message (or 10 messages as mine ended up) You can also use a better security system, check this New Review:  What is the best Windows 10 Kelogger? click here.

Here’s what you need to do to fix the problem

  1. Run the uninstall and leave the error message up on the screen
  2. Click on the Start Button and the Click ‘Run’ and type ‘regedit’ and press enter
  3. You should now see the registry editor
  4. Find the correct registry key (this is set up like normal folders so just navigate like you would in the windows file system
  5. Right-click and select permissions
  6. Click on your user name
  7. Check the Full Control box and apply
  8. Close the error and rerun the uninstall process
  9. Repeat as needed for more error messages
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