5 Great Code Search Engines!

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Search Engines

Happy Programmer Day! Are you still writing your own code or flailing around on Google to find a sample or snippet you need? Well kick back, relax and check out these great tools for finding code. Work smarter not harder!

  1. Krugle: Krugle is very impressive as a code search tool, it adds a touch of social aspect and allows searching for projects and tech pages as well as just code. Added to a large list of languages to search from and more filter options and you get an amazingly useful tool.
  2. Google Code Search: From Google Labs comes the best way to search for code on Google, supports a huge array of languages from Ada to Yacc. Make sure to use the advance search.
  3. Koders: The Koders about page claims the site is the leader in code search. A neat interface on the main page offers quick language and license search options on another long list choices. While not my favorite of the bunch I can certainly see how it’s the leader.
  4. O’Reilly Code Search: Search all the code examples from the O’Reilly books. I love O’Reilly books and they do a great job with the code examples. This is an excellent place to look for straightforward solutions to common problems.
  5. UCodit: Still in beta and worth keeping an eye on, the search and results display is very nice, but the lack of filtering on the search is a real problem.

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