5 Geek New Year Resolutions

Resolution #1: Read a self-improvement book
Resolution #2: Learn a new Skill
Resolution #3: Lose weight
Resolution #4: Take more chances

This week I’ve been covering my New Years resolutions and I hope that you might like some of them enough to go for them yourself. It’s still early in the year and there’s no reason you can’t resolve to do any of these things right now!  You may look at these resolutions and think to yourself that you it’s just too much to do, and that leads me to my fifth and final resolution for the year:

Resolution #5: Watch less TV

The writers strike is certainly making this easier right now.  I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I will still sit and watch something I don’t really care about or that I’m only moderately interested in.  I have TiVo which has helped to reduce the amount of time I’m in front of the TV, but I still find myself watching crap several times a week and I’m just going to cut that out.  No reality TV, no game shows, no reruns (exceptions made for Scrubs).  How much would that cut out of your TV viewing, would your life be better if you spent that time working on #1 – #4?  The answer for me is a definite YES.