Great Free Software for Your Laptop

I recently got a new laptop, nothing fancy, but it needed some tools to be really useful. This is the list that I came up with and it’s just as useful for desktops:

  • PC Decrapifier – Get rid of the preloaded junk so we can make room for the good stuff

  • – You have to have Firefox right?
  • Notepad++ – Great replacement for Notepad, particularly good for programmers
  • Open Office – It’s not MS Office, but it’s amazingly close and amazingly free

  • GIMP – It’s not Photoshop, but still very powerful and useful, and again free
  • Picasa – Easy and free photo organization if you plan to store pictures on your laptop
  • Itunes – Even if you don’t have an Ipod it’s a good organizer and makes burning easy
  • Filezilla – Free and secure FTP program, if you like that kind of thing
  • UltraVNC – Computer Remote Control and Vista compatible
  • IZArc – Free zip/unzip program
  • AVG -Free antivirus
  • XAMPP – Free WAMP webserver. Easy to setup to build and test webpages locally.