Testing the new Triggit Sitebar

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Before the end of last year I had started playing with a cool new piece of technology called Triggit that made adding advertising and affiliate links easy to do without spamming them all over the place. As my blogging decreased towards the end of the year, I was mainly focused on quick pieces and didn’t touch Triggit.

You may have noticed the blue search bar at the top of my site (if it’s loaded yet, I need to track down what’s been slowing my load times lately) That is called the Sitebar and Triggit has switched gears and is focusing on this new tool. What does it do? Well, right now it only searches but I’ve boon told to expect more functionality soon, I’ll update more as I get the information :-)

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Recommending a Page and a Product Together?

Does Amazon‘s new Page Recommendation and Product Reccomendation in one widget make sense?  I see the logic from the programmer’s point of view, both processes have the same first steps – scan the text and check for relevance with another data source.  As a blogger and reader I’m not as sure there’s a connection at all.  This is a common programming pitfall.  When you are deciding on features and design you have to remove yourself from the backend of the program as much as possible and focus on what makes sense from the users perspective.  This may mean separating features that have a lot in common programmatically into different parts of the interface.

I’ve installed the widget and we’ll see if it adds value or not, having the ability to tweak the results would be nice as I can certainly see the value in recommending books with a similar subject matter.  If the widget trys to sell me some Roomba filters and printer ink then it won’t be adding value to my site, it’ll just be trying to sell something and what does that have to do with page recommendations?

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