Happy Knew Year! Resolution #1

We’re a week into the new year, how are your resolutions holding up? I’m actually pretty excited about them this year so I started a couple of them a little early and the one that I’m no so excited about I’ve put off starting so I can get a little help in the motivation department. As I get back into the blogging spirit this week I’m going to cover my resolutions, and if you’re a programmer I’ll highly suggest the first two. Here’s #1:

1. Read a self-improvement book: I’m not talking about anything from the self help section, I’m talking about learning something general that you can use to make your life better. Job related books are definitely a good place to start. I like to get something that’s about programming and computers in general or that can help me improve my interpersonal skills. This year I’m reading Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software. Last year I listened to How to Win Friends & Influence People, and the year before that I read The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master Pragmatic Programmer actually inspired Resolution #2, which you’ll hear about tomorrow.