Blog Traffic

I’m sure there are tons of articles on how to drum up traffic for your blog, but I think I’ll start with the basics before I go out looking for the same tips that everyone else is using. So here is my grand plan, a simple two step process: 1. Submit blog to search engines 2. Write useful content to show up on the search engines Can this work? I guess I better try being useful, so here are the free Google and Yahoo! submission pages. Tada! Usefulness! I picked up something else useful, you can easily direct search engine … Continue reading

Blogging Platform

After trying DotNetNuke and Community Server I am VERY happy with my decision to switch to Linux Hosting and use WordPress. For anyone considering starting a blog I will highly recommend it. I’ve added the stats plug in and it couldn’t have been easier. Just a quick download from the WordPress plugin library, unzip, and upload into the plugin directory. Now I’ve just got to get some traffic to count!


   Welcome to the KnightKnetwork!  In the interest of having something new to play with I decided I wanted to have some web real-estate of my very own.  For an extra challenge I thought I would see if I could make the space pay for itself, so we’ll see how that goes.  Over the course of my blogging I plan on building a series of “toolkits”.  If a site or product I write about is the best tool for a job I’ll add it to an appropriate toolkit(s).  Over time this site should become a helpful reference for anyone looking to … Continue reading