In FireFox I was getting a weird addition on an image link: <!– Removed by HIPS FW And then a whole lot more dashes, well it turns out that my CA Internet Security Suite thought there was a “web bug” and edited the HTML before displaying! How nice, I’m not a fan of the CA Suite it’s worse than Norton. Anyway, to get rid of this: Open up the Personal Firewall section. Click the Privacy Icon. Under Cookie Control click the advanced button. This will open a new sub-window with multiple tabs. On the first tab uncheck “disable web bugs” … Continue reading

The Future of Laptop Computing

Touch Screen, handwriting recognition, slide-away keyboard, multiple ways to access the Internet and local networks, and a dock to let you use a full sized monitor, keyboard, mouse, and anything you might want to plug in.  All this and the speed and durability of flash memory (no moving parts on your hard drive to crash).  Sony’s Vaio VGN-UX390 is really an amazing machine.  I love my Dell Axim, but this thing blows it out of the water  No need for a watered down version of Windows, you’re running Vista with no compromises.  I’d love to have one of these things.

Google Adwords

I’ve been approved for Google Adwords, it was a pretty simple process.  I had a few days worth of posts up before I applied and a day and half after that I got an acceptance e-mail.  $100 has to be earned before they will cut you a check so I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  Still it’s interesting to play with, Google give you all sorts of toys to play with.  Check out www.google.com/webmasterseven if you aren’t using adwords.

TV Teknophobia 1.0

I’m using the Theme Vibes Teknophobia theme (link at the bottom).  There are a couple of bugs in the paths for the logo.jpg and icon_feeds.gif for the feeds.  This is a pretty simple fix.  If you go into your wordpress folder then dive down into /wp-content/themes/tv-teknophobia-10/ folder you’ll find a header.php file.  Open that up with Wordpad or Notepad and do a find on icon_feeds.gif and replace the path before it with /wordpress/wp-content/themes/tv-teknophobia-10/images/ Do the same for logo.jpg and you should be all set.