Wednesday Whimsday!

Image via Wikipedia I believe in the power of whims and believe that following your whims can teach you something about yourself, lead you to learn/try something new, and occasionally can lead to great things! They can also waste time, money, and effort in the process – so fair warning. Wednesday’s are going to be Whimsday on the KnightKnetwork. Every Wednesday I’ll post some random whim of mine with no restriction on subject matter an no promises not to try and sell you something that catches my fancy on Thinkgeek. I would love to have your feedback on my whims … Continue reading

Worst Support Ticket Sales Pitch Ever

Image by williamhartz via Flickr Long story short – for a few days last week I was unwittingly subverting the Chinese Government.  Somehow my private proxy server was discovered and published.  I may get into that story more later, but for now all you need to know is that I decided to ask around a few cheap hosting sites to see if I could run a small ad-supported proxy site.  This particular host shows up when Googling proxy hosting, but a couple of support tickets later it turns out that they don’t actually allow proxy hosting.  I let them know … Continue reading

Disqus Gives Spammers A DoFollow Thanksgiving Feast

I am a big fan of the Disqus commenting system, I’ve found it to be a great addition to my blog as well as a wonderful personal tool to use on other’s blogs.  I’ve had few problems and with commenting syncing now in place on the WordPress plug-in, I’ve had very few change requests until now.  There has been a dramatic increase in human generated spam over the past week or two and if I was a spammer I would jump on this too, because DISQUS does not use nofollow.  It’s not even an option that I can find! Let … Continue reading

2008 Election Results

There are going to be a ton of places you can find election results, for your local races try the local news sites.  For the Federal races here are a few good places to check for news: NPR – Nice interactive map and list that includes poll closing times CNN – CNN’s Election Results Page – Election tracking map and all the latest polls leading up to today BBC – Get international coverage of our election from the BBC Indecision 2008 -  Comedy Central’s election coverage The Onion – The Onion provides live election coverage Related articles by Zemanta … Continue reading

It Be Talk Like A Pirate Day 2008 Arrr!

Here be ye Piratey online booty fer International Talk Like a Pirate Day: Ye Official Site Get yer Pirate name Arrr Lern ye some Pirate phrases an Pirate jokes an th’like English to Pirate TranslatoRRRrrrrrrr Set yer spyglass on some fellow buccaneers on flickARRRRRRRR See where the scurvey dogs at Google add Pirate translation t’avoid walkin’ the plank! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  I’ll be updatin’ if I find ye some more treasures, now back to yer stations ye dirty sea dogs! Related articles by Zemanta New Lambchop – “National Talk Like A Pirate Day” AyePhone talks like a pirate, so you don’t have … Continue reading