250,000+ Page Views And A New Theme!

Image via Wikipedia Today’s Whimsday post is a celebration!  I started this blog on a whim, it seemed a good way to share and learn new things.  Last week I reached a minor milestone, my WordPress stats show that I’ve had a quarter of a million page views since I started the Knetwork.  To celebrate I’ve changed my theme, something I’ve intended to do for a while now.  I hope you enjoy the theme and thanks to everyone that reads this for making running the site such a rewarding endeavor! -David

Testing the new Triggit Sitebar

Image via CrunchBase Before the end of last year I had started playing with a cool new piece of technology called Triggit that made adding advertising and affiliate links easy to do without spamming them all over the place. As my blogging decreased towards the end of the year, I was mainly focused on quick pieces and didn’t touch Triggit. You may have noticed the blue search bar at the top of my site (if it’s loaded yet, I need to track down what’s been slowing my load times lately) That is called the Sitebar and Triggit has switched gears … Continue reading

Animated Favicon – Who Knew?

Image via Wikipedia I suppose that someone knows because I saw one today and it was the first time I’ve really noticed one and thought about it.  So for today’s Wednesday Whim I decided to add one for the Knetwork.  All you need is an animated gif, scaled down to the recommended 16×16 pixel size, uploaded to your existing favicon location.  Then add a html line to your header.  Just copy your current favicon code, paste it below itself, and alter the file name to your animated gif. FYI – mine is a little knight hacking away at something…. it’s … Continue reading

25 Things You May Not Know About Meme

I’m having a little fun with one of the latest viral trends going around Friendfeed to express my general belief that the term ‘meme’ has been corrupted to be nothing other than a glorified fad. Meme was coined by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene It is defined as conveying the idea of a unit of cultural transmission, or a unit of imitation It is derived from the Greek word “mimema” meaning something imitated The study of memes is known as Memetics It is intended to provide a definition for the way ideas and trends move through society … Continue reading

Starting a Proxy Site – LiteProxySite.info

Image via Wikipedia This is the first of my Whimsday Wednesday posts.   My latest whim was inspired when the little proxy server I was hosting became overrun.  It turned out I didn’t hide it as well as I thought, and people sucking down 40GB of bandwidth in a few hours can have a negative effect on all your other sites loading.  Once I tracked down the culprit and shut it off, I put up a quick note (see it @ KnightKnetwork.net)  saying that I had not intended it to be a public proxy and I added a google search … Continue reading