A Year Without Posts, Now What?


What do you do when things get busy and your creative energies are being focused elsewhere? You cut back on things that aren’t as important or as interesting. I cut back on my online reading and playing with new start-ups – and, well here we are 1 year to the day and no posts. Maybe you are in the same boat as me? You like having a site and like that you’ve written some things that people still find useful, and have a few things you’d still like to write about? What can you do to breathe a little life … Continue reading

Google Wave Invites

Image by jlori via Flickr I have a few Google Wave invites available if anyone out there would like one, just leave me a comment and put make sure you put your correct e-mail address into the DISQUS commenting system. Wave is pretty slick and if you need to do some online collaboration and don’t mind a fairly open environment then this is the perfect product for you.  Wave is NOT a replacement for e-mail,  instant messaging, or your online social networks,  although it pulls in components from all of those types of communication. Related articles by Zemanta Google Docs, … Continue reading

Happy Programmer Day 2009

Sorry about the Programmer Day Blog being down, I’ve botched something in my hosting settings that I need to track down. Russia has made Programmer Day an official holiday so we’re seeing a lot of interest this year. Check out @ProgrammerDay on Twitter and have a wonderful #ProgrammerDay!

25 Random Things Facebook App

Image by Getty Images via Daylife As part of my Whimsday series of posts I will occasionally post an idea that I’ve had that I have no time or skill to successfully complete.  I hope maybe you will, it will be wildly successful, and you’ll decide to thank me with a car or something. Where is the App for 25 Random Things?  What has no one thrown something together yet?  This thing has gone viral on several social networks and if you put together an app that let you list and change your items, send out invites, LINK when your … Continue reading

Perspective On Human Spamming

Image by Meredith_Farmer via Flickr Are you getting human spam on your blog?  I am. If you are running Disqus right now and have some pages with page rank there is a good chance that you are getting hit with human spam from site owners trying to accomplish some bargain basement SEO requiring the bare minimum of work.  This isn’t limited to Disqus, but since Disqus continues to leave NOFOLLOW off of the link to the user’s website in their username they have become a specific target. It’s pretty trivial to mark these guys as spam and the worst of … Continue reading