April Fools on the Web 2011


I’ll be staying up late tonight to watch the beginning of April 1st 2011 and have some fun looking at all the great April Fools Days pranks on the web. Be on the lookout for updates but I think you can expect something from a few repeat offenders: Woot.com,  Thinkgeek.com, and even Google.com It’s been a few years since I’ve covered April Fools Day web pranks but you can check out a few older posts and you can also rank this year’s pranks at aprilfoolsdayontheweb.com Updates – Here we GO! >  Google Romance: “… you’ll live happily, and contextually, ever … Continue reading

Deals.Woot Hits Milestone with 100,000th Deal

Woot’s web 2.0 style deal site, Deals.woot.com, hit a major milestone this month, reaching 100,000 posted deals. Check out the celebration post and get some stats here. Wondering what the big deal was? Deep Future: The Next 100,000 Years of Life on Earth for $14.46 – A recently published book about the future of our planet by Carl Stager Congratulations to the Deals.Woot team on hitting this milestone and congrats to Deals.Woot superuser heymo for posting that very appropriate deal! Related articles Deals.Woot Activity Explodes From New Enhancement (knightknetwork.com) Woot’s Monkey History (woot.com)

Friday March 4th is the first annual DSUNFSJB Day!

Born from the boredom and creativity of the deals.woot community combined with my love of made up holidays and a need to create an unforgivably long domain name, Friday March 4th marks the first annual Do Something Unexpectedly Nice For Someone Just Because Day. The name speaks for itself so the website doesn’t have to, freeing me up to have a little extra fun. I hope you will enjoy it and I hope you will try to do something unexpectedly nice on Friday well! http://www.dosomethingunexpectedlyniceforsomeonejustbecauseday.info March forth on March fourth and do good things!

Watch the 2011 Superbowl ads on your iPhone or iPad

Maybe you’re like me and didn’t see the Superbowl this year but still would like to be part of the conversations tomorrow? Well, everyone knows that the post Superbowl conversation breaks down into 3 major categories: 10% – The Game 15% – The half-time show 75% – The commercials Want to join in on the conversation? You can surf on over to USA today’s site and catch up on all 60 of the Superbowl ads on your smartphone or tablet and see what everyone is talking about. The ads are listed in popularity order by default so you can even … Continue reading

Deals.Woot Activity Explodes From New Enhancement

Activity on Woot‘s deal aggregation site Deals.woot.com has exploded over the past week, what lit the fuse?  A new reputation system that is clear, easy to understand, and gives users hints on actions that they can take to increase their reputation. This was a much needed to boost to traffic and user activity, more than making up for the brutal attack on the site’s most active users a few months ago.   Segregation of the site’s more social area and excessive, at times stalking and shockingly personal, moderation of users caused many of the sites most active users to fade into … Continue reading