WordPress RSS feed alteration

The RSS feed image at the top of page here was automatically set up in my wordpress theme and for some reason it was set up as a subscription to the most recent post’s comments. Since you can’t see any of the comments on the main page and the posts themselves have a text link to subscribe to the comments, it seemed a really poor choice. Since I’ve recently set up a feedburner feed it seemed like that would be the best option for that link. I couldn’t find anything quickly that had suggestions for altering the current php code so I decided just to ditch it and try my hand with some good old fashioned HTML. Now I haven’t worked with HTML much so I apologize if this is ugly and would appreciate any comments to beautify it. Here’s what I had to change, I just commented it out:

<?php comments_rss_link(__(‘<img align=”right” src=”/wordpress/wp-content/themes/tv-teknophobia-10/images/icon_feeds.gif” alt=”” border=”0″ hspace=”15″ vspace=”5″ />’)); ?>

I replaced it with this and it did the trick:

<A href=”http://feeds.feedburner.com/KnightKnetwork”> <img src=”/wordpress/wp-content/themes/tv-teknophobia-10/images/icon_feeds.gif” border=”0″ align=”right” hspace=”15″ vspace=”5″></A>

Of course you’ll need to change the feed address to your own and the image path and spacing to suit your site, but you get the idea. Anyway if you haven’t already subscribed to the RSS feed, now would be a great time! We’ll also start a “Knews” letter in the coming months so please sign up as a user if you would like to receive it.

Google Analytics Vs. WordPress Stats

Google Analytics wins hands down.  I had set up Analytics for a couple of personal sites to see how it worked, and it’s very impressive.  There are a several different graphical tools to give you a nice visual of your traffic and where it’s coming from.  WordPress Stats does have a slight advantage because it was developed just for WordPress.  Of course there’s no reason you can’t use both and take a look at your host’s stat tracking as well.