Recommending a Page and a Product Together?

Does Amazon‘s new Page Recommendation and Product Reccomendation in one widget make sense?  I see the logic from the programmer’s point of view, both processes have the same first steps – scan the text and check for relevance with another data source.  As a blogger and reader I’m not as sure there’s a connection at all.  This is a common programming pitfall.  When you are deciding on features and design you have to remove yourself from the backend of the program as much as possible and focus on what makes sense from the users perspective.  This may mean separating features that have a lot in common programmatically into different parts of the interface.

I’ve installed the widget and we’ll see if it adds value or not, having the ability to tweak the results would be nice as I can certainly see the value in recommending books with a similar subject matter.  If the widget trys to sell me some Roomba filters and printer ink then it won’t be adding value to my site, it’ll just be trying to sell something and what does that have to do with page recommendations?

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Toluu Badge Widget

Toluu is a new RSS sharing and suggestion tool that is getting close to emerging from beta (let me know of you want an invite and I’ll see what I can do). I threw together a quick widget to allow WordPress users with widgetized sidebars to easily add and customize a Toluu badge.   More info later so check back to this post, but until then please give it a try and let me know how you like it.

-= Click Here to Download the Toluu Widget =-

*Install the widget and leave a comment here and you’ll get a free membership to’s Theme Club!


  • Download from the above link
  • Unzip it and drop the file in your WordPress plugin folder
  • Activate on the plugin menu
  • Goto Presentation -> Widgets
  • Drag the ‘Toluu Badge’ Widget from your available widgets to your sidebar
  • Click on the little note icon and customize
  • Press Enter or click the ‘X’ to save and you’re done!

TipJoy WordPress Widget

To fully duplicate the functionality of my instructions on adding TipJoy to your WordPress theme, the TipJoy TipThis plugin needed to allow users to place a tipjoy badge/banner on the sidebar. So I set out to learn how to create a widget for WordPress. The results are my earlier Spottt Widget and now my TipJoy widget!

-=Download The TipJoy Widget Here=-


  • This is a standalone widget it you aren’t interested in the TipJoy TipThis plugin
  • The latest version of the TipThis plugin has this code built in, so you don’t need the widget
  • Download -> Unzip -> Upload to plugin folder -> Activate Plugin
  • In Presentation -> Widgets
    • Add widget to your sidebar
    • Click the little notepad icon on the widget
    • Title: appears above the badge/banner. Blank or ‘none’ for no title
    • TipJoy ID: Your tipjoy ID goes here

-=Download The TipJoy Widget Here=-

TipJoy TipThis Plugin w/ Widget

The latest beta version of the TipThis plugin now has a sidebar widget! This will allow users who don’t want to spam their blog frontpage with Tip This buttons to have a way to accept tips on their main page. Just go to the Presentation portion of your WordPress admin dashboard and drag the TipJoy Widget onto the sidebar!

Download the latest version of TipThis with sidebar widgets form the TipThis home post.

Spottt WordPress Widget

If you are using Spottt on a WordPress blog you’ll have to insert the code that Spottt gives you to embed into your theme’s sidebar code. This is hardly user friendly. so I decided to put together the Spottt WordPress Widget for WordPress blogs that support widgets. Bookmark this post for updates!

The current version is 0.5 and is still in ‘beta’ but I have it running on if you want to confirm it works.

Better documentation will follow but for now you just need:

  1. Download the widget
  2. Unzip and upload to your plugins folder
  3. Active the plugin
  4. Under Presentation -> Widgets drag the spottt ad where you want it
  5. Click the little notepad icon on the widget admin to edit the settings
  6. Title: Name the sidebar section, or leave blank for no title section
  7. Spottt ID: This is that long string of letters and numbers in the ‘Embed’ code
  8. Press Enter to save and check your site for the ad!