Wesabe updates the browser snapshot tool

Once again Wesabe makes it easy on me to find something to write about.  In the last update they included my suggestion for a cropping tool in their latest version of the firefox plugin (1.0.5).  After you auto upgrade to the latest version you can click and drag a crop box around the area you want to snag and when you release you’ll get a prompt confirming that’s what you wanted to do.  After the prompt you’re presented with your cropped image and the same options to save to to Wesabe or to your own computer. 

Here’s the Cropping tool in action… (more…)

BuiltWith.com – View a site’s technology

BuiltWith.com logoHave you ever wondered what cool technology was used to create your favorite websites?  Or just wanted to know what a site might be using to make it’s money or track what you do?  You can find out all these things and more at the new service builtwith.com.  Just type in a web address in the search bar and you’ll get a full report of the technology used and links to a lot more information about the site’s popularity and traffic.  There’s tons of interesting data in there, for instance I didn’t know that Amazon used doubleclick.  Now that Google owns doubleclick, think about all the Amazon information they must have stored away.  When the latest web-bubble bursts I need to remember to pick up some Google stock.  Well, that’s if my first plan doesn’t work:  Keep doing interviews and favors for Wesabe and hope that when Google snaps them up they’ll shower me with stock as gratitude… 

Polled.info Launched!

Polled.info Logo   Today marks the launch of the latest edition to the KnightKnetwork of sites!  Polled.info has come together thanks mostly in part to me staying up too late, seeing the name was available for $2.99, and liking the sound of it.  For now the site will feature several polls a week using Amazon’s Unspun technology.  Polling is a pretty interesting subject to explore so the site will expand as my polling knowledge does and as time allows.  For the launch I’ve pulled in a poll about the best movie ever, inspired by a recent conversation I had about the AFI’s top 100 movies.  Make sure to drop by Polled.info and express your opinions by voting up or down the items on the list!