TradeVibes “Be The VC” Winner is Me!

TrabeVibes logo betaTo win you had to pick the 5 most popular startups out of a field of 100, and the popularity was judged by several different standards. I picked 4 out of the 5 companies to win, my top 5 were (in alphabetical order)

  1. Acquia
  2. Igloo
  3. Mill River Labs (owns tradesvibes)
  4. Sprout
  5. Zoho

The winning companies are all the same except the surprising result that Acquia is out and Rearden Commerce is in. Check them out and you tell me if you wouldn’t have made the same choice I did.

Thanks to TradeVibes for running the contest and offering such a generous prize!

Interview: Svetlana Gladkova, Profy Vice President

Profy logo

Svetlana Gladkova is the Vice President of Business Development at Profy is a new and exciting entry into the hosted blog market that is aiming to outdo the current heavy hitters by building from the ground up as a one stop blogging, social network, and RSS reader. The social features and the greater customization and monetization options should put Profy in a good position after the service exits beta. There’s a lot more to recommend Profy and as long as users won’t scoff at Profy placing an ad on their free blogs, I think we’ll see a steady rise in traffic as users switch or supplement their other blogs with Profy. I do have a few Profy invites if you leave a comment I’ll see what I can do. If you want to see a Profy blog you can take a peek @ Svetlana was kind enough to talk to me about Profy and share some of her thoughts about blogging in general:

What benefits do you see in going with a hosted blog service over self-hosting? Why should users choose Profy in particular? (more…)

Triggit WordPress Plugin

A tag cloud with terms related to Web 2.Image via Wikipedia

I first learned of Triggit due to their selection as a finalist in the 2008 Web 2.0 Launchpad event. I’m really impressed with the service, it’s like Zemanta for advertising! I’ll write more on it later but for know I wanted to announce that I threw together a quick plugin for self-hosted WordPress users who feel more comfortable adding a plugin then editing their theme files. This is also useful if you don’t want to have to re-add the code every time you change your theme.

-= Download the Triggit WordPress Plugin Here =-

To use this plugin download and unzip it and place the file into your WordPress plugin folder. Activate the plugin and go to the Settings Triggit screen and add your Triggit User ID.

This plugin requires your theme to have the wp-footer hook, if you it doesn’t seem to work that’s the most likely reason and you’d have to edit your theme’s footer file and add <?php wp_footer(); ?> before the /body tag (or just paste your Triggit code since you’re there anyway). If that wp-footer code is there and it’s still not working then leave me a comment and I’ll try to help.

I’ll pretty it up a touch later so check back for updates!

Inside Wesabe

San FranciscoImage by bgreenlee via Flickr

I was in San Francisco for a conference this week so I decided I’d take Wesabe up on their kind offer to drop by. If you don’t know, Wesabe is a website where users can engage in social personal finance. Upload your bank and credit card transaction data (it’s secure and anonymous) and then tag your purchases. With that done Wesabe delivers money saving tips based on your spending habits!

The Wesabe staff struck me as a very cohesive, intelligent, and dedicated group. All were very kind as as I interrupted the busy day before the launch of a major new feature. Great equipment (i’m sooo jealous of those monitors), a nice library of O’Reilly books, and open and natural light filled workareas all show that Wesabe cares about it’s employees and gives them what they need to do good work for their users.

A special thanks to the Marketing VP Gabe Griego for showing me around and taking me to lunch. Also, Thanks to Marc Hedlund for taking the time to show me the new Tip page enhancement before it was launched.

I’ll cover the tip page enhancements later, but to give you a general idea the new tip page uses all the collected data to help you better compare your merchants and pull in tips. It’s tapping into the Wesabe community’s subconscious frugality to save you money, a very powerful new tool for Wesabe users!

Toluu Invite Code & RSS Day

RSS Awareness Day

We’re just a few weeks away from RSS Awareness Day (May 1st). Given the proximity to my own birthday and my love of made up tech holidays (Programmer Day) I couldn’t pass up the chance to mention it. To celebrate I suggest that you get some RSS Suggestions from and expand your RSS reading.   To get an invite to Toluu all you have to do is read our recent interview with Toluu Founder, Caleb Elston and leave a comment expressing your interest!

toluu logo

As a side note I feel the need to confess that my domain name addiction has resurfaced. GoDaddy’s $0.99 .info domains have lured me in and I’ve purchased RSSDay.Info, at the time of this posting only the blog is up but check back next week and hopefully I’ll have made some progress.