Toluu Pops It’s Collar With New Popup Tooltip

Toluu has a added a small new feature to your Activity Page that turns out to be a big usability enhancement, here’s what Caleb, Toluu’s founder had to say about it:

I found that many times I had no idea what a feed was about but, I didn’t want to click on it and then have to click back if I wasn’t interested I wanted a really quick way to get some more info so that is how the tooltip came to be it shows the 5 most recent post titles from the feed and you can click a title and go directly to the source

With this new enhancement the Activity page has just gotten much more useful, and it’s good news for bloggers as well.  Those of us who are total marketing geniuses and not only put 2 silent Ks in their blog name, but also give no context clues about the content, can now rest easier.  All you would have to do is hover over ‘The Knight Knetwork’ and you’d see my 5 latest posts, giving you a chance to visit a post with an interesting title and see what you really think about my writing and subject matter.  Here’s an idea of what you’ll see:

Toluu\'s new Tooltip popup

Kudos again to Toluu for adding enhancements that really increase the usabillity of the site, and don’t forget to Toluu ‘The Knight Knetwork’, those silent Ks actually speak volumes.

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Twitter Purchases, Integrates, Doesn’t Host Summize

Twitter‘s purchase of Summize, the Twitter search tool, has been verified.  Not only that, but the integration on the Twitter site has already been completed @  And the best news of all is that (so far) twitter is NOT hosting the Summize service!  I don’t know how accurate these visual tracert results are but it appears that the two services will be separately hosted for now, and that’s probably a good thing.

Tracert of

Tracert of

Tracert of

Tracert of

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Mike Fruchter Invades FriendFeed

Mike is actually a wonderful person to follow if you use friendfeed, I just thought this was a little ironic.  Friendfeed has many uses and like one of them is to promote your own work and you can bump it to the top of the feed and at the same time let people know you appreciate them sharing your work.

Mike Fruchter Invades Friendfeed

Mike Fruchter Invades Friendfeed

Zemanta Pixie Launched!

WeeWar Times Screen ShotThe Knight Knetwork is pleased to announce the newest site in the Knetwork – The WeeWar Times!  If you aren’t familiar with WeeWar, it’s a turn-based strategy game you play from your browser.  WeeWar is an amazing site and is one of the most innovative games around when it comes to giving players control.  A useful API, attentive developers, and an addictive game have created a vibrant community.  The WeeWar Times was launched as a news site to serve that community and will provide an outlet for News, Tips, Interviews, and Map Reviews.

iTunes + Toluu = Podcast Love

Toluu, the RSS sharing and suggestion site, can also be used for podcasts! A little known feature of iTunes will allow you to export a list of all the Podcasts you listen to into a format that Toluu can read and import. Here’s how:

- Right click the Podcast list in iTunes and select Export Song List to get a list of your podcasts:

Itunes Podcast Export

- To export your podcast list in OPML be sure to select that file type from the drop down list:

Save podcast export as an OPML file

- Import into to Toluu just as you would any other OPML file.

The more people do this the better chance you’ll get podcast recommendations so spread the word and import your own today! If you use an alternate program to manage podcasts try to find a way to export the list in an OPML format, Google is your friend here if you need help. Right now there isn’t anything in Toluu to label a feed as a podcast unless it’s already in the name. If items uploaded from iTunes were specifically labeled or if Toluu implements a tagging scheme, this could get easier.

PS – I have Toluu invites, leave a comment if you need one.  For more on Toluu check out my interview with Caleb Elston, the founder.