New Google Adsense Enhancement?

Maybe I’ve just been under a rock or have been suffering from an extended case of banner blindness but it looks like Google’s Adsense ads have gotten an improvement:

Adsense Improvement

You can see the <> navigational controls on the top ad and the ‘Show More’ option on the lower.  This is the first time I’ve seen that.  Check it out at the top, you may need to refresh a few times to get the controls they aren’t on every ad.  This is an interesting decision by Google and I’d say it’s incredibly optimistic or just naive.  With all the studies on banner blindness and all the plugins that block ads, who thinks to add controls so that users who actually do look at the ads can change them? I’ve never been on a site and though “Gee, I’m just not satisfied with these ads, if only I could see different ones without refreshing”  Still, they don’t take up any extra space and there’s the off chance that someone out there will use them, so why not?

Google Analytics Vs. WordPress Stats

Google Analytics wins hands down.  I had set up Analytics for a couple of personal sites to see how it worked, and it’s very impressive.  There are a several different graphical tools to give you a nice visual of your traffic and where it’s coming from.  WordPress Stats does have a slight advantage because it was developed just for WordPress.  Of course there’s no reason you can’t use both and take a look at your host’s stat tracking as well.

Google Adwords

I’ve been approved for Google Adwords, it was a pretty simple process.  I had a few days worth of posts up before I applied and a day and half after that I got an acceptance e-mail.  $100 has to be earned before they will cut you a check so I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  Still it’s interesting to play with, Google give you all sorts of toys to play with.  Check out if you aren’t using adwords.