Adobe’s Bee

I got a laptop for Christmas and have been getting it setup. I decided to look for a good way to blog offline so that I could work on a post during lunch when I don’t have an internet connection and then load it when I get home. It looks like there are a lot of solutions out there, but I think i’ve settled on Bee from Adobe Labs. I’m testing this post with a connection but I’ve made some notes on setting up a new laptop that I’ll test offline later. Bee is simple and powerful and also supports flickr. For WordPress you put in your blog address (be sure to use /wordpress if that’s where your installation is) then add your user and password and Bee will sync your exsisting posts so that you can edit them offline. If you are online the flickr ‘Photoview’ makes it easy to add one of your pictures or search for a public picture to add to your post. A search for Bee gave me a nice selection of pictures, clicking the blog button on a picture adds it to your post automatically like so:

European Honey Bee Touching Down

Very slick, makes me want to write all my posts here instead of from the admin console. If you have a WordPress blog then I highly recommend trying it out, even if you aren’t planning on working offline. Since Bee is a sample project from Adobe Labs you can download the source as well, always a bonus. Do you any tools for offline blogging?

International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2007

Party like pirates … Originally
uploaded by International
Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy ye pox-ridden sea dogs, grab yerself some grog and follow this ‘ere map ta get yerself ready fer International Talk like a Pirate Day ARRRRRRRRR:

- Buy Parrot

- Get yerself a pirate name… I be Dirty Dave Rackham!


- Read all yer websites in th’ Pirate way wi’ this translatARRRRR

- ‘Ave yer scurvy plagued deckhands to the HARRRRdware store fer a new plank

- Find yerself a local Pirate gathering

- Long John Silvers for lunch is t’easy arRRRRRRby’s is where ye need be goin’

- Entertain yeself w’these Pirate videos on YouTube!

- Return yer ded Parrot…. PININ’ for the FJORDS?!?!?!?

- Learn yer Talk Like a Pirate Day History

Now ye dirty sea dogs and sea wenches Dirty Dave Rackham says GET TA PLUNDERIN!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!