A note on using HoTTProxy w/ LG phones

Unless you’ve changed a ton of the links in your hacking, use the thumbpad shortcut to access the internet, and remember that this DOES USE YOUR MINUTES so use it sparingly during weekdays.  I got a data cable today for the enV vx9900 and when plugged in it does allow BitPim to auto detect the phone.  I’m using version 1.0 and you still have to switch to the 8700 and do a get data from the phone THEN switch back to the 9900 before you can actually write data without BitPim spitting up all over you (like it was with manual setup and bluetooth).

HoTTProxy Setup

If you are using wap.google.com you’ll notice there are a lot of things that you can’t do when surfing around the web.  The biggest problem is that you can’t store any cookies on your phone so you can’t login to many pages to check your various accounts.  There is a solution!  HoTTProxy is a WAP Proxy server that runs on your local machine and when you direct your WAP traffic through it, will store your cookies for you allowing you a much richer internet experience through your cell phone.  This is mainly general information, but the specifics are for to LG enV vx9900.  Here’s what you need to do… (more…)

How to forward a port

Ethernet CableChances are you have your DSL/Cable modem hooked to a router and several computers hooked to the router to make a nice little home network. A router gives you some nice advantages by helping protect your computer from the outside world but what do you do when that protection stops you from getting into your own computer remotely? To get through and to a specific box you’ll need some software that connects from one computer to another (ssh, ftp, RDP, VNC, etc), then you’ll need to know what “port” that software uses and tell the router to forward that port to a specific computer with a static IP address. Sounds easy right? Well it’s not too bad. We’ll start with static IP addresses and port forwarding today…