Knight Knetwork Goes Mobile

The Knight Knetwork, with the help of the WordPress Mobile plugin, is now available in a more friendly mobile format. The plugin detects the browser used and will automatically serve the appropriate page, this means you can point your cellphone’s browser to, and you’ll get a specially formatted version! The plugin is very easy to use and has AdMob integrated, making it easy to put ads on your mobile page.  It also has support for blogging by cell phone without having to use the buggy post by mail feature, I haven’t had any luck with that particular feature but that may just be the LG handsets. Please leave a comment if you have any problems.


Firefox Extension Spotlight: Copy Plain Text

firefox-logo2.pngFirefox is my browser of choice. Why? There are many great things about Firefox but my No. 1- Extensions. Extensions do just what you think they extend the abilities of the web browser. There are many I can not live without. There are hundreds if not thousands to choose from.

The one I am featuring today is Copy Plain Text. It is very simple but very good. It does just what it says it gives you the ability to highlight any text on a web page and copy it as plain old text. For anyone that does research or writing from the web knows that when you copy from a site you often get rich text instead of plain text. I often kept a Notepad window open and copied to Notepad first and then copied again from Notepad to my Word doc. Otherwise when pasting into Word or whatever office app you use you would end up with poorly formatted rich text. The days of double copy and paste are over. Simply install this Firefox extension and your right click menu will now have an option that says “Copy Plain Text.” This is a small extension that you may just find you can not live without. The author’s description is as follows…

Have you ever copied text from a website and pasted it into an email program, such as Thunderbird, but been frustrated that the text formatting (bold, italic, font, etc.) were copied with it? This extension copies the text without all the formatting.

Try it out and let me know what you think. Do you have any Firefox extensions you can’t live without?