3 Top Programmer Professional Societies

If you are a programmer and are looking for a good programmer community to join there are a lot of choices depending on what your specialties or passions are. If you are looking for something more generic to programming that deals with the industry as a whole then you really need look no further than the first two on this list. The IEEE Computer Society and the ACM are well known and respected in the programming community and joining one or both of these is an excellent idea for any programmer out there.

The third society on the list, CPSR, is more socially minded and is geared to helping programmers shape the course of the physical world as well as the virtual. All are fee based and membership gets you many benefits including a very informative newsletter. All offer student memberships at discounted rates as well and the IEEE and ACM have many different add ons that will help you get exactly what you need out of your membership.

There are other organizations out there but these are three well established and highly respected institutions that any programmer should consider joining.

Krugle Gains Access to IBM Code

Not illegally or anything, but still a huge deal.  If you are a programmer and you aren’t using a code search engine then you are working too hard – why reinvent the wheel?  You may even be working on a solution to a problem that has already been solved in a more efficient manner a.k.a “Reinventing the Dead Horse”.  As part of my Programmer Day celebration I posted an article on 5 search engines that were worth looking into and my personal favorite is Krugle.   They are already involved with great projects like SourceForge and this IBM DeveloperWorks deal includes over 4,000,000 lines of code in 35 different languages!  Here’s the press release:


ProgrammerDay.info is a hit!

Wow! What a day! We set new traffic highs here on the KnightKnetwork, but those were dwarfed by the volume on ProgrammerDay.info! I was using wordpress stats which bases itself on GMT and things got off to a good start, we broke our traffic record before 8 AM Eastern.  ProgrammerDay tracked pretty closely until it got picked up by some international sites, then a quick run by stubleupon and then a huge crush when it hit the front page of Fark.  It should hit 18K hits for the past two days around 8 AM Eastern!  Fark brought the site to it’s knees and it looks like no donationions and no t-shirt sales for all of that so I need to work on my marketing,  and no improved hosting for next year unless I can work out something.  I’ve got a year I guess, but feel free to post any ideas!

5 Great Code Search Engines!

Quick Update 04/09/13: This post is out of date and I hope to have a replacement up soon, so if you have other options I’d love to have you come back and post about it here!   Also, as a side note if you are a programmer that would like to get a little more exercise but can’t find the time, take a look at a new site I’m putting together about Exercise Desks!



Search Engines

Happy Programmer Day! Are you still writing your own code or flailing around on Google to find a sample or snippet you need? Well kick back, relax and check out these great tools for finding code. Work smarter not harder!

  1. Krugle: Krugle is very impressive as a code search tool, it adds a touch of social aspect and allows searching for projects and tech pages as well as just code. Added to a large list of languages to search from and more filter options and you get an amazingly useful tool.
  2. Google Code Search: From Google Labs comes the best way to search for code on Google, supports a huge array of languages from Ada to Yacc. Make sure to use the advance search.
  3. Koders: The Koders about page claims the site is the leader in code search. A neat interface on the main page offers quick language and license search options on another long list choices. While not my favorite of the bunch I can certainly see how it’s the leader.
  4. O’Reilly Code Search: Search all the code examples from the O’Reilly books. I love O’Reilly books and they do a great job with the code examples. This is an excellent place to look for straightforward solutions to common problems.
  5. UCodit: Still in beta and worth keeping an eye on, the search and results display is very nice, but the lack of filtering on the search is a real problem.

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Help us turn the totally unofficial Programmer Day into the semi-unofficial Programmer Day! We’ve launched ProgrammerDay.info as the Official, unofficial home to this unofficial Holiday! The holiday has twice been deleted from wikipedia due to lack of evidence and support, ProgrammerDay.info will be the masthead for gathering everything needed to push this special day forward!  Updates will be frequent the next few days so check back often!