Geek Resolution #2

Resolution #1: Read a self-improvement book

As I mentioned yesterday, the Pragmatic Programming book inspired me for:
Resolution #2: Learn a new Skill

For me, this usually means I learn a new programming language. I’ve picked PHP for this year since WordPress is written in PHP, I’m pretty sure it’ll come in handy and I’ll be more likely to use it and not let the skill rust away. I always find learning a new language is easier if you have a project in mind and so I’ve decided to play around with Google‘s chart API and see what I can so with it. I also have been thinking about putting together a PHP/mySQL site to help with another resolution, the one I’ve gotten some much needed motivational help with which I’ll go over tomorrow.

Preparing for Programmer Day 2008

It’s 2008 and one of the things I’ve been working on is an updated website for I threw the last one together very quickly using WordPress. The need for a database connection meant the site went down and went down hard when it hit the front page of Fark. I’ve been looking into better hosting for next year and using plugins like wp-cache to help take the brunt for 2008, but having the main portion of the site not require a DB connection seemed wise and I wanted to learn more about running a site and web design anyway. I liked the Chic02 design on (Open Source Web Design) so I decided to run with it, It’s not live yet but I you can get a sneak peek at the 2008 Programmer Day Page and I would appreciate any feedback!

Thanksgiving: Programmers

Programmers make the World (wide web) go ’round.  Today I want to give thanks to my fellow programmers.  I’ve always enjoyed the company of programmers, there seems to be something about us code jockeys that’s universal.  Nothing made this more clear to me than this past Programmer Day, when I saw that same thing in programmer’s around the world.  Sure there are differences and of course I don’t like every coder out there, but in general I think programmers are wonderful.  If you think about all the contributions to society that programmers have made over the past 50 years,  you’ll be thankful too.

Thanksgiving: Wesabe

Birthday CakeThis weekend Wesabe celebrated it’s first birthday! It seemed fitting that I say a big Congratulations and Thank You! If you haven’t tried Wesabe yet, then you’re missing out.  Wesabe is useful, usable, and secure way to track your personal finances online and with the large and helpful community offering tips and suggestions it’s a great way to save money too. The best part of all this is that it’s all free and the hard working folks over at Wesabe are adding new features all the time!  There are other options out there, but only Wesabe gives you the security of never having to hand over your user name and password.  They are also the only service that I know of that gives you full control of your data, there is no middle man collecting it and if you want your data deleted from their servers then it’s gone.  There is an excellent interview with co-founder Marc Hedlund on that you should read to learn more and be sure to check out the well designed web site at

Krugle Partners with Amazon Web Services

I Found My Code On Krugle

On the heels of Krugle’s huge IBM DeveloperWorks deal comes another big announcement from the code search engine powerhouse, a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you’re not a programmer then you probably don’t care to much about the details, but here are few things you might want to know:

  • Krugle is a leader in making programming easier and more efficient, it allows programmers to easily find solutions to problems that other programmers have already solved
  • Amazon Web Services is a ground breaking service that allows any programmer or company to take advantage of everything Amazon has learned about running a complicated website with big data storage needs. Even the smallest startup gets CHEAP prices thanks to the economies of scale that Amazon provides.
  • The Krugle + AWS partnership makes some very fertile ground and lowers the risk even further for people with big ideas and small budgets

Better tools make innovation easier, learn about the  AI test automation tools to help your business. We are creating a new project, hopefully this new partnership will have that effect and we’ll see some inspired new projects released with it’s help, or at least maybe some new interesting HITs on mechanical turk. Here’s the Press Release: (more…)