Orange enV vx9900 – Screen Savers

A new feature of the Orange enV vs. the silver is the addition of a screen-saver that you can display while the phone is charging.  There are two option available, the calendar and the clock.  Both are mostly black so that you could leave them on at night without adding too much extra light to your room.  Click for a larger image:

Clock SS                                         Calendar SS

New Cell Phone – ORANGE LG vx9900 enV

 This is my new phone’s older silver brother.  I’ll put up some real pictures and instructions for enhancement in a later post.  If you’ve gotten your hands on one of these and want to modify it I suggest you goto for info.  The code to the service menu for the Orange enV has been changed from pressing ’0′ to ##program9900.  To be more specfic open the phone and hit <sym> 3, <sym> 3, p,r,o,g,a,m,9,9,0,0,<SEND>.  The service code is all zeroes.  I’ve had it for a day and I’m very impressed.  The 2 Megapixel camera is better than my first digital camera and you’ll be seeing pictures from it on the site very soon!  Here’s a good deal on a Micro SD card if you’re looking: Kingston 2GB microSD Memory Card, Retail Package