Pics of Field Test vx8800 Unit “The 88″

While not as spectacular as the vx10000, the vx8800 is a nifty little phone. The next in the chocolate line of sliders, this will probably be the first LG phone to hit the mainstream US market with the new touch screen we’ll see so much of in the coming years. It looks like this phone will hit the shelves for the end of the Christmas shopping season. These new pics of a field test model were posted on HowardForums by POS_User. He reports amazing pictures from the camera and a very cool touchscreen (the lower portion of the front):



Pics of Field Test vx10000 Unit “The X”

Exciting new information is coming from HowardForums about the LG vx10000, including the name! The 9800 was the V, the 9900 was the enV, the 10000 will be the X. I’ll go ahead and predict the VX11000 as the Xtreme. While I’m not giving up on a December 07 release date, it’s looking more and more like we won’t see it until 2008, possibly as late as Spring. Enough conjecture lets take a look at what we do know, make sure to drop by the forums and give users POS_User and industryspy a big thank you for the information.

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Slimmer than the enV with the same clamshell design, but a full frontal touchscreen except for the send and end buttons:


You don’t have to open the phone for any standard functions unless you want access to the keyboard, both screens are 2.8 inches and the external touchscreen has vibration feedback, here are a few shots of messaging and e-mail:


Themes and UI are going to be similar to the latest high-end verizon phones and bluetooth profiles, camera, and battery life are all expected to be like the enV, the camera does sit flush with the back of the phone, making it easier to operate when it’s sitting on a hard surface.

The music features are similar to the Chocolate and you can carry out other functions and still have music playing, speakers have been improved over the enV as has general phone loudness.

The X will also be a MediaFlo phone allowing you to watch TV on either screen and easily move between them with out losing your show.

Now the biggest improvement and one that everyone is hoping will make it to the production version is a full HTML browser! A non-brew browser on this thing is going to sell a ton of phones:


Does this phone come close to rivaling the iPhone… NO (there’s no such thing as an iPhone Killer). It does give Verizon customers a chance to own a phone with some of the same important features and a full keyboard. As long as the HTML browser sticks around and the data plans for it aren’t expensive this phone might be enough to lure those who aren’t interested in a smart phone or hassles associated with the iPhone and AT&T.

Make sure to see Pics of Field Test vx8800 Unit “The 88″

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Prerelease Pics of LG VX10000 aka the VX10K

In a move that has shocked Verizon insiders, very early prerelease photos of the vx9900 enV successor, the vx10000 or vx10K have been leaked to the net. The enhancements to this already amazing clamshell phone with a full QWERY keyboard include a touchscreen front. The internal screen is now wider as well and the phone will support Mediaflo for streamed TV making this one of the most versatile non-smartphones on the market. Release date is unknown but if it follows the pattern of the 9800 and 9900 we’ll see it in time for this Christmas. These are just the thumbnails for the full sized pictures checkout the photodump upload.


*No one is allowed to say this is an iPhone killer, there’s no such thing!

Also leaked are pictures of the new vx8800 – The next in the chocolate line, also with a touchscreen (bottom section):


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There’s no such thing as an iPhone killer

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by niv tishbi

It seems that any product that hits the market with a “killer” buzz is doomed to live it’s life in the shadows as the second rate version of the product it’s supposed to have taken down. You see this all the time, a new product is announced and it might even have a few extra features but as soon as someone starts slinging around the killer buzz you can go ahead and invest in the other company and know your money is safe.

I think the biggest target for assassination is Apple. There have been an endless parade of ipod killers that have hit the market with trumpeted fanfare only to have the market hit them right back. I don’t know that we’ll see the same thing in the phone market, Apple has it’s work cut out there, but if rumors of a nano version of the iPhone are true then they might have a shot. Still, even though the iPhone doesn’t have the market share advantage that the ipod does, there are products that are getting buzz as iPhone “killers”. Two in particular that seem to be in the pipeline are google’s phone which we’ll call the gPhone and several Linux based phones, the one I’ve followed the most is the Openmoko FIC Neo1973(more…)