LG VX11000 – Voyager 2 on the Horizon?

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Image by Robert Scott Photography via Flickr

I’m seeing a very interesting increase in traffic coming in searching for the term ‘VX11000′.  This would presumably be the next in the V, enV/(enV2), and Voyager series from Verizon, although that’s certainly not guaranteed.    The Voyager was Verizon’s response to the iPhone and while an amazing peice of equipment, it certainly didn’t come close to meeting the iPhone killer hype that was piled on it.

If you’re reading this and have come to the site by searching for the VX11000, please leave me a comment and tell me why!  What prompted your search?

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3G iPhone Price and Release Date


Image by Dekuwa via Flickr

My man on the inside has reported that the 3G iPhone was announced today to great fanfare. A few quick points:

  • 8GB 3G iPhone – $199
  • 16GB 3G iPhone – $299
  • Small Battery (in size)
  • 5 hours Talk time
  • Real GPS instead of cell phone triangulation
  • Many more countries
  • Available July 11th

I also hear that it was a great keynote and one of the biggest cheers went up when India was announced as one of the new countries where the phone would be available.

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There should be a drop in price on ebay for the 1st generations soon: (more…)

Voyager Service Menu

10K-1I’ll get some more Voyager hacking info up soon, but one thing that you’ll need to know for sure is how to access the service menu:

First, open the phone. Then type in ‘##PROGRAM10000′ and press Send. The code is ’000000′, all zeros.

One very interesting piece of news coming from HowardForums is that you can steam audio and video via Orb. That means if you have a tuner card in your computer and install orb, you can stream your TV to the Voyager!

VX10000 Voyager Spec Sheet

HowardForums SuperUser/Mod FAUGuy has received and posted the spec sheet for the Voyager (release date and pricing info here). If you are interested in cell phone news, tips, and hacking you should join HowardForums, there is no better community for this sort of thing. Anyway here are the specs, I would trust all the information on this thing except the Bluetooth specs, they never get those right. Voyager Spec Sheet Top

Voyager Spec Sheet - Bottom

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