My post via email blues

I’m running 2.1.3 and I can’t get the post via e-mail to work.  Adding the ‘!’ to the one test on the RFC#### whatever that doesn’t have it does allow wordpress to check the account, but I only am able to get the subject when I post, the body just disappears.  I’ve tried downloading the 2.2 version of class-pop3 and that gave me the same results, even when I commented out the ‘continue;’ line.  That fix seems to work for many running 2.2, but adds an extra ‘.’ at the end of each post.  Blah! I say! BLAH!

I did NOT scream like a little girl

First, let me tell you that this is not my usual type of “bug” post.  Here’s what happened:

   My 5 1/2 month old son had just started an afternoon nap and my wife took the opportunity to get in the shower (which is why you can’t believe her if she says I screamed like a little girl and jumped on a chair).  I heard my son stirring and walked into his nursery to help him get back to sleep, I sat down next to his crib and was patting him back to sleep when I felt something tickle my foot.  At first I just guessed it was the cat, but a moment later it occurred to me that CATS ARE SOFT!  I immediately picked my foot up and looked down to see….



The First Computer Bug

In FireFox I was getting a weird addition on an image link:

<!– Removed by HIPS FW

And then a whole lot more dashes, well it turns out that my CA Internet Security Suite thought there was a “web bug” and edited the HTML before displaying! How nice, I’m not a fan of the CA Suite it’s worse than Norton. Anyway, to get rid of this:

  1. Open up the Personal Firewall section.
  2. Click the Privacy Icon.
  3. Under Cookie Control click the advanced button. This will open a new sub-window with multiple tabs.
  4. On the first tab uncheck “disable web bugs” in the third party section.
  5. Now refresh your web page and it should be back to normal!

If you’re ready to dump CA here are a few alternatives available at amazon, read the reveiws before you buy and check out some of the free options like ZoneAlarm.

TV Teknophobia 1.0

The First Computer Bug

I’m using the Theme Vibes Teknophobia theme (link at the bottom).  There are a couple of bugs in the paths for the logo.jpg and icon_feeds.gif for the feeds.  This is a pretty simple fix.  If you go into your wordpress folder then dive down into /wp-content/themes/tv-teknophobia-10/ folder you’ll find a header.php file.  Open that up with Wordpad or Notepad and do a find on icon_feeds.gif and replace the path before it with /wordpress/wp-content/themes/tv-teknophobia-10/images/ Do the same for logo.jpg and you should be all set.