Worst Support Ticket Sales Pitch Ever

Wild pitch
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Long story short – for a few days last week I was unwittingly subverting the Chinese Government.  Somehow my private proxy server was discovered and published.  I may get into that story more later, but for now all you need to know is that I decided to ask around a few cheap hosting sites to see if I could run a small ad-supported proxy site.  This particular host shows up when Googling proxy hosting, but a couple of support tickets later it turns out that they don’t actually allow proxy hosting.  I let them know about the Google ad and got this enthusiastic sales pitch:

Hi, David.
Thanks for your notification.
If you like to host your sites, xxxxxxxxxxxx might be one of your choices. Let us know if you need more help. Thanks.

Now, I don’t know about YOU, but as for ME – I really like to host my sites.  It brings me much more happiness than when I was burning them onto a CD and trying to fling them into open car windows as I drove to work.  (readership tanked in winter and return visitors were hard to come by if the CD happened to peg them in the face).

So we’ve established that I like to host my sites, the Tech follows with the time-tested hard sell technique of telling me their product is soooo great it just might make it onto my list of choices.  It might be time to rewrite the script here folks!

Happy New Year Everyone!  Have you had any similar bad sales pitches?

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Happy Programmer Day!

Happy Programmer Day everyone!  To learn more about Programmer day check out ProgrammerDay.info!  I started the site last year to promote the day and I’m hoping that it’ll be even more popular this year, maybe we’ll even get a wikipedia article that will stay up instead of getting deleted!

If you’re coming here from the Programmer Day site, you might want to check out the post I did last year on Programmer’s Day, it’s one of the most popular i’ve ever done: 5 Great Code Search Engines.

Have a great day and don’t eat too many doughnuts!

My MS ASP 3.5 Certification Journey

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If you haven’t read the KnightKnetwork for long (or ever before) you may not know that I’m a programmer. I work primarily in a heavily macroed assembler that NO ONE else in the world still uses (or I doubt they do anyway).

I’m a big fan of The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master by Andrew Hunt and Dave Thomas, and one of the suggestions they make is to learn a new programming language every year. So, to do this, I’ve dabbled in Python and PHP but lacking a clear goal, I usually stopped learning as soon as I completed whatever personal project I was working on and got busy with other things. If I want to take on some side projects or more complicated personal ones, then I need more than that and more than my regular assembler so I’ve decided to get some MS Certifications, specifcally the new ASP 3.5 ones.  I’m not sure how many and which paths I’ll go down, but this post will serve as a way to mark the path I do take. These certifications provide set goals and should force me to a more comprehensive knowledge of the technology than I’ve been achieving.

I’ll bookmark useful sites, provide book links to Amazon (affiliate links) of anything I purchase, and post any useful tips I come up with along the way.

General Books And Tools:

Exam 70-536: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Application Development Foundation

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LG VX11000 – Voyager 2 on the Horizon?

Sunset and New Frame

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I’m seeing a very interesting increase in traffic coming in searching for the term ‘VX11000′.  This would presumably be the next in the V, enV/(enV2), and Voyager series from Verizon, although that’s certainly not guaranteed.    The Voyager was Verizon’s response to the iPhone and while an amazing peice of equipment, it certainly didn’t come close to meeting the iPhone killer hype that was piled on it.

If you’re reading this and have come to the site by searching for the VX11000, please leave me a comment and tell me why!  What prompted your search?

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3G iPhone Price and Release Date


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My man on the inside has reported that the 3G iPhone was announced today to great fanfare. A few quick points:

  • 8GB 3G iPhone – $199
  • 16GB 3G iPhone – $299
  • Small Battery (in size)
  • 5 hours Talk time
  • Real GPS instead of cell phone triangulation
  • Many more countries
  • Available July 11th

I also hear that it was a great keynote and one of the biggest cheers went up when India was announced as one of the new countries where the phone would be available.

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There should be a drop in price on ebay for the 1st generations soon: (more…)