Travel Toolkit Added

Lots of LuggageI’ve added the travel toolkit to the list of toolkits available.  I welcome comments on the toolkits and requests for additions.  There is a bias towards software and web-pages but I don’t mean to fill the toolkits with these exclusively, so keep that in mind if you have any suggestions!

Remote Access Toolkit Added

The Remote Acces Toolkit has been added to the Toolkits page.  I’ve listed a few programs that you might want to try.  Look for further reviews of these in the future:


- RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) – If the remote machine is running XP Pro, XP Media Center, or Vista Business or higher then you’ll have the RDP server available.  You can log in remotely like a local user and it’s like your monitor is just really far away.  If you don’t have these operating systems you’ll need a VNC program (these are slower) 

- VNC (Virtual Network Computing) – Allows you to see and control a remote computer’s desktop on your local computer.  There are several different flavors of VNC.  I recommend RealVNC (free).

- FTP (File Transfer Protocol) – Share folders over the Internet and allow file transfer back and forth.  I recommend Filezilla (free).

Cell Phones Toolkit Added

Here it is to start, like all toolkits I’ll add to it as I get more information that shouldn’t fall off the face of the earth after 10 posts… 

General: – THE place to go for cell phone questions, information, and hacking tips.

-BitPim – General access software, can access many cell phones when they are connected to your computer by bluetooth or data cable

-HoTTProxy – Personal WAP Proxy server that gives cookie support even if your phone can’t use them.

Phone Specific:

- Orange LG vx9900 enV: Pictures, Themes, Screen Savers, Hacking(WAP)

DynDNS Announces 2 Million Users – Are you one?

DynDNS logoDynDNS has announced that it now has more than 2 million users, that’s a huge number but it’s no surprise.  They provide a great service and have the delineation of their free and pay products set perfectly.  DynDNS provides DNS services for individuals and small companies, allowing their users to have a hostname for any IP address that they are assigned even if that IP address isn’t static.  With their free service you get an account and are allowed to pick a subdomain hostname from one of their domains.  The company does a lot more that I won’t talk about, but here is a full list of services.

Let me clear this up a little with an example…