Sports on the Web 2.0

baseball3.jpgSports is an interesting area for Web 2.0 to seep into. Most users obtain their sports info from the big Guys. Based upon metrics, and rule the roost. You can get your news and fast at that. The following Web 2.0 players seek to add something additional. The ability to select your teams and get only news for your teams. Community or the ability to interact with other fans. The ability to blog and to comment. The ability to be a reporter and post user created photos and videos from the game. This is an interesting part of these Web 2.0 startups. The leader has to be FanNation. CNNSI is a formidable backer against some of the smaller startups. However the startups can gain a piece of the pie through innovation. After all that only benefits the end user. Anyhow here they are….