2008 Election Results

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There are going to be a ton of places you can find election results, for your local races try the local news sites.  For the Federal races here are a few good places to check for news:

  • NPR – Nice interactive map and list that includes poll closing times
  • CNN – CNN’s Election Results Page
  • Pollster.com – Election tracking map and all the latest polls leading up to today
  • BBC – Get international coverage of our election from the BBC
  • Indecision 2008 -  Comedy Central’s election coverage
  • The Onion – The Onion provides live election coverage
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Super Tuesday Breakdown

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From State Demographics, Delegate Counts, and Poll Closing Times – to Polling Results, Exit Polls, and Voting Results, these are the sites you need for great info about Super Tuesday:

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SC Democratic Primary Results

To see county results check out scvotes.org‘s county by county map.  That should give you a good idea about how good a job Obama did in the state.  The only counties that didn’t go for Obama are Horry County for Hillary, home of Myrtle Beach and plenty of retired New Yorkers and Oconee County for John Edwards, the county where he was born.  There were many factors that led to Obama’s victory and I’m sure you’ve heard them all by now, but it’s obvious that the Democrats of SC were impressed and this wasn’t just about race or a general dislike of Hillary Clinton.  I’m sure the results had the pollsters breathing a sigh of relief that they were correct, but no one predicted Obama with greater than 50% of the vote.

Want to see the SC Republican Primary Results?

SC Democratic Debate

The Democratic debate in Myrtle Beach tonight was quite the battle. The candidates pulled the typical debate tricks with attacks on each other and twisting the questions to their talking points.  All three candidates were in good form, speaking well and able to interact with each other in a manner that switched between forceful and playful.  For all their efforts I doubt we’ll see much change in the way South Carolina voters are thinking.

If anyone gained from the exchanges, I think it would be John Edwards.  If nothing else he was the most successful in avoiding the most personal attacks and in directing the discussion onto topics that he feels he has the strongest positions on while prodding on the nit-picking attacks Clinton and Obama directed towards each other’s campaigning style.

Obama has the lead according to polls since his campaign with Oprah in the state and I doubt anything in the debate will change that.

One interesting thing that came up was the belief that the candidates thought John McCain will lock up the Republican nomination, or at least wanted to use that possibility as a way to promote electability.

All things considered I think this was a win for Edwards, not one that will matter in this election, but maybe one that will help him in whatever it is that he’s using this election as a setup for.

SC Primary Results

Snow and some human error in setting up voting machines could make the results in today’s South Carolina Republican Primary a little more dramatic than expected. If the race is close then we’ll have to wait on the paper ballots to be counted.

WYFF a SC TV station has the live results posted, and with 75% of the votes counted John McCain has a 6% lead over Mike Huckabee. UPDATE – McCain called as Winner

If results since 1980 hold true then the winner of South Carolina will go onto take the election. It looks like McCain will take SC, but it’s hard to say if the trend will hold true. With Thompson likely to drop out of the race this weekend, many of his voters will probably turn to the more conservative Huckabee which might cancel out any momentum that McCain could take out of the SC.

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Want to see the SC Democratic Primary Results?