5 Geek New Year Resolutions

Resolution #1: Read a self-improvement book
Resolution #2: Learn a new Skill
Resolution #3: Lose weight
Resolution #4: Take more chances

This week I’ve been covering my New Years resolutions and I hope that you might like some of them enough to go for them yourself. It’s still early in the year and there’s no reason you can’t resolve to do any of these things right now!  You may look at these resolutions and think to yourself that you it’s just too much to do, and that leads me to my fifth and final resolution for the year:

Resolution #5: Watch less TV

The writers strike is certainly making this easier right now.  I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I will still sit and watch something I don’t really care about or that I’m only moderately interested in.  I have TiVo which has helped to reduce the amount of time I’m in front of the TV, but I still find myself watching crap several times a week and I’m just going to cut that out.  No reality TV, no game shows, no reruns (exceptions made for Scrubs).  How much would that cut out of your TV viewing, would your life be better if you spent that time working on #1 – #4?  The answer for me is a definite YES.

Coworker Arrested for Murder

The news left my office in shock as it worked it’s way through the rumor mill, it was hard to believe that one of our coworkers had been arrested. The fact that it was for murder was even more shocking and many people, myself included, were inclined to believe that the charges would be dropped. How could someone that we all liked, who was outgoing, polite, and kind kill his 79 year old neighbor?

We heard later that there had been a confession and all the information points to robbery to feed a drug habit. For all the stories of people that have turned their lives around and overcome addiction to make something of themselves there are stories like this one. It doesn’t matter what the ratio is, one relapsing addict that murders a neighbor is all it takes to keep people scared of helping and hiring those trying to kick the habit. If a recovering addict can’t get a job and no one trusts them, how can we expect them to believe in themselves enough to recover? Yet, how can you justify risking the well being of your employees and loved ones by helping someone with a problem so large that it can turn them from a well-liked, “outstanding achiever” award winner to a murderer?

Life is full of hard questions and hard decisions, and I don’t think anyone can blame an employer for not hiring a recovering drug addict (although it’s illegal to discriminate against them). I do hope that people will keep in mind those inspiring stories of redemption and strength and if you can’t bring yourself to hire someone who is recovering then donate to, or help, an organization that will.

Thanksgiving: Knetwork Readers

KnightKnetwork Logo Today I want to give my thanks to you!  Thank you for stopping by, for reading, and if you have commented thank you for that too!  For you US readers I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and best of luck if you brave the holiday sales.    We’re entering the ‘Holiday Season’ a time of friends, family, and fellowship, I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am!

Thanksgiving: Programmers

Programmers make the World (wide web) go ’round.  Today I want to give thanks to my fellow programmers.  I’ve always enjoyed the company of programmers, there seems to be something about us code jockeys that’s universal.  Nothing made this more clear to me than this past Programmer Day, when I saw that same thing in programmer’s around the world.  Sure there are differences and of course I don’t like every coder out there, but in general I think programmers are wonderful.  If you think about all the contributions to society that programmers have made over the past 50 years,  you’ll be thankful too.

Thanksgiving: Wesabe

Birthday CakeThis weekend Wesabe celebrated it’s first birthday! It seemed fitting that I say a big Congratulations and Thank You! If you haven’t tried Wesabe yet, then you’re missing out.  Wesabe is useful, usable, and secure way to track your personal finances online and with the large and helpful community offering tips and suggestions it’s a great way to save money too. The best part of all this is that it’s all free and the hard working folks over at Wesabe are adding new features all the time!  There are other options out there, but only Wesabe gives you the security of never having to hand over your user name and password.  They are also the only service that I know of that gives you full control of your data, there is no middle man collecting it and if you want your data deleted from their servers then it’s gone.  There is an excellent interview with co-founder Marc Hedlund on CenterNetworks.com that you should read to learn more and be sure to check out the well designed web site at Wesabe.com.