12 Sites for Virtual Easter Eggs

EasterEggsHappy Easter!  It seemed appropriate to put together a list of Easter Egg sites, and I’m not talking about the beautiful colored eggs, I mean those little surprises hidden away in movies, DVDs, games, software, and web pages.

Easter Eggs in Movies and DVDs:

  • DVDEasterEggs – Focuses on Easter eggs in DVDs and helpfully includes the region code.  If you have a huge DVD collection consider signing for the RSS feed to give you something new to look for when you watch your favorite movies over again.
  • Netflix – The DVD rental by mail site lists lots of easter eggs for the movies it has, need something for your queue?  Take a look and see any of these sound interesting to you.
  • IMDB -  While not official listed as easter eggs, you can find a lot of theme under the “Fun Stuff” category on the sidebar.  Just check out the movie you’re about to see and find out if there’s anything you should be looking for.

Easter Eggs in Games:

  • GameSpot – GameSpot has a great article listing the Greatest Easter Eggs in Gaming History, a good read if you want to hit the highlights.
  • YahoVideoGames – Another list from YVG of their favorite gaming easter eggs.
  • DigitPress – Hits a lot of the older games, lists eggs by system and then game.

Easter Eggs in Software:

  • SoftwareTipsAndTricks – This computer help site has amassed a great collection of easter eggs hidden in various operating systems and other common applications
  • FreeSoftwareMagazine – This site that caters to free and OS software users has a list of easter eggs in free software.

Easter Eggs on Web Pages:

  • robert.accettura – This is a fun list of eggs that can be found in the HTML of some of the larger sites
  • Moo – Moo.com is running an online easter egg hunt this year, find the eggs and win prizes!

General Easter EggSites:

  • EggHeaven -  A clean and easy to use site with over 1000 eggs in 14 different categories
  • EEggs – The site isn’t as nice, but with over 10,000 eggs in 7 categories this is the place to go if you want to find an egg

MonksMovieCorner.info Launched Today!

Monksmoviecorner.info logo  Today marks the launch of the newest (and first) additional site on the Knetwork.  Monk’s Movie Corner launches with two new movie reviews.  The first for the new Harry Potter Movie and the second for Hairspray.  Monk brings his unique perspective to movie critiques and we you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!  The content may get a little colorful at times, but that’s just Monk!

Downloadable Amazon Movie Rentals

Amazon had a sale on rentals this weekend, several of their more popular titles were on sale for $.99  The service is called Unbox.  They have rentals and purchases.  The feature that I was the most interested in was the download straight to TiVo.  All that you have to do is register your TiVo on Amazon (just type in your tivo.com username and password and that’s it)

Once I was logged in my TiVo was listed as the download to and you just check out with one-click and your download will start to your network attached TiVo within 15 minutes.  You have 30 days to start the movie on a rental and 24 hours to finish once you’ve started.  If you don’t have a TiVo you can download to your computer.  Seems like this would be most useful for laptops and computers with a TV out.  I’ll have to see how the download goes, it looks like the cost for new release rentals is $3.99 so netflix will be a better deal for most people, but it certainly beats going to the video store!