Thursday is Programmer Day! (9/13/07)

Binary 1111 1111 is the last of the 256 possible values of a byte, and Thursday, September 13th 2007, will be the 256th day of the year so on that day we celebrate Programmer Day! This is the day where we programmers and other computer geeks celebrate the power of binary and stand in awe of just how much can be done with zeros and ones. I suggest celebrating with doughnuts and a can/bottle/glass of your favorite caffeinated beverage. The doughnuts will represent the zeros and the beverage the ones. Here are a few other festive activities for Programmer Day:

  • Eat all the doughnuts by the end of the day – There are no zeros in a full byte!
  • Eat your doughnuts in one “full byte” or two “full nybbles
  • Pull out your fake Christmas tree and decorate it with zeros and ones to make a binary tree (CDs and sticks of RAM make good zeros and ones)
  • Make Happy Programmer Day cards using ASCII art
  • Keep track throughout the day and the person with the best binary pun/programming language joke gets a prize (the last doughnut maybe)

UPDATE: We’ve Launched to promote Programmer Day!