Weekend Cleanup

Well the money is just pouring in now!  (Pennies ARE money) up to $.09 but still a long way off from getting a check or paying for the domain/hosting, but I’m enjoying it so that’s worth a good bit right there.  I’ve added Monk’s Movie Corner to the blogroll and ditched The Consumerist.  The page load time has increased dramatically since their new redesign and the content has shown a decrease in quality with the comments are reflecting that.  It’s getting so bad that they’ve posted a plea for better behavior.

 Also, congrats to reader Josh.  Your GrandCentral invite has been sent!

MonksMovieCorner.info Launched Today!

Monksmoviecorner.info logo  Today marks the launch of the newest (and first) additional site on the Knetwork.  Monk’s Movie Corner launches with two new movie reviews.  The first for the new Harry Potter Movie and the second for Hairspray.  Monk brings his unique perspective to movie critiques and we you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!  The content may get a little colorful at times, but that’s just Monk!

Weekend Cleanup

Updated the Cell Phones Toolkit with the Hex Editing and vx8600 hack info, but I don’t think I’ll post much more on it since it’s been discontinued by Verizon.  U

Update on having the site pay for itself… BIG STEP!  Earnings have doubled!  (to a grand total of $0.02) 

I called it on the Woot-Off, no Bag of Crap, and the Woot-Off ended with the Shirt.Woot.Com launch and a special Launch T-Shirt.  Only they forgot to set the default page for the shirt.woot.com folder and NONE of the links worked.  By the time I figured out to add the /default.aspx to the link the 500 shirts were sold out.  Not the best start, but new shirts on weekdays and it looks like they’ll be accepting designs from the masses so it should be interesting.

 Also, look out next week as the Knetwork expands with the launch of a second site… probably.  I’m just hosting and admin on this one so we’ll see if our writer is able to begin this week.  Have a great weekend!

Woot-off Strategery

Don’t know what Woot! is?  It’s a one product per day online retailer that’s heavy on the tech products.  Occasionally there’s a cascade of products on sale back to back that’s known as a woot-off.  Read more @ If You Don’t Know Woot By Now

The scent of a woot-off is wafting in the breeze today and I thought I would share a little bit of my Woot-Off Strategery! 

  1. Have Woot open all day on every computer you own and use FireFox instead of IE.
  2. Log In and have your credit-card info stored and ready to go, you may need to pull the trigger quickly and every second counts!
  3. Have your credit card security code memorized.. you can’t store this and fumbling for your wallet could easily cost you a Bag of Crap!
  4. Add Woot to your firefox bookmark toolbar and go into the properties and select the microsummary from the name drop down (under Live Title).  Pick the one with the price first or the % left if you are mid-woot-off. 
  5. Right-click and refresh the bookmark for % left until the last 5% or so and then F5 refresh the page on the page until the next item pops.
  6. Tell your friends about the wootoff and tell them what you’re after… cheap MP3 player, wireless router, Scooba, or whatever and have them help you keep an eye out and you do the same for them!

I would expect no Bag of Crap during this woot-off but probably a new T-Shirt as another test run for the upcoming shirt.woot.com. Happy Wooting Everybody!

Weekend Cleanup

The Knetwork earned it’s first penny… not profit and not anything that I can get my hands on yet, but it’s there.  Thanks to everyone that visits, I hope you get what you’re looking for.  If you don’t, then let me know!  I’ve updated the Remote Access Toolkit.  That’s a good base set of tools for getting at a computer when you’re not physically near it,  the nice part is that you don’t have to pay for any them.  As you open more ports please be more aware that you need strong passwords and a good firewall to protect your data.