12 Sites for Virtual Easter Eggs

EasterEggsHappy Easter!  It seemed appropriate to put together a list of Easter Egg sites, and I’m not talking about the beautiful colored eggs, I mean those little surprises hidden away in movies, DVDs, games, software, and web pages.

Easter Eggs in Movies and DVDs:

  • DVDEasterEggs – Focuses on Easter eggs in DVDs and helpfully includes the region code.  If you have a huge DVD collection consider signing for the RSS feed to give you something new to look for when you watch your favorite movies over again.
  • Netflix – The DVD rental by mail site lists lots of easter eggs for the movies it has, need something for your queue?  Take a look and see any of these sound interesting to you.
  • IMDB -  While not official listed as easter eggs, you can find a lot of theme under the “Fun Stuff” category on the sidebar.  Just check out the movie you’re about to see and find out if there’s anything you should be looking for.

Easter Eggs in Games:

  • GameSpot – GameSpot has a great article listing the Greatest Easter Eggs in Gaming History, a good read if you want to hit the highlights.
  • YahoVideoGames – Another list from YVG of their favorite gaming easter eggs.
  • DigitPress – Hits a lot of the older games, lists eggs by system and then game.

Easter Eggs in Software:

  • SoftwareTipsAndTricks – This computer help site has amassed a great collection of easter eggs hidden in various operating systems and other common applications
  • FreeSoftwareMagazine – This site that caters to free and OS software users has a list of easter eggs in free software.

Easter Eggs on Web Pages:

  • robert.accettura – This is a fun list of eggs that can be found in the HTML of some of the larger sites
  • Moo – Moo.com is running an online easter egg hunt this year, find the eggs and win prizes!

General Easter EggSites:

  • EggHeaven -  A clean and easy to use site with over 1000 eggs in 14 different categories
  • EEggs – The site isn’t as nice, but with over 10,000 eggs in 7 categories this is the place to go if you want to find an egg

WordPress Blogging offline with Bee

Adobe Lab’s Bee offline WordPress editor is so snappy that I decided to post about it again, this time composing the post entirely offline and then uploading later when I get a connection again.  Other than an operation failed error when Bee tried to log onto Flickr, the startup procedure is the same as writing with a connection.  Createing a new post works the same as well except the photoview is now empty.  I had hoped that it might have cached some of the results from my last post, but there are no shots to pick from in the Photoview to add.  I can always save this as a draft and go in and add the pictures later.  I’m very happy with Bee it looks great and does everything I want when prepareing a post offline and is even handy online!

Heroes On DVD

When the may sweeps are over and real tv goes on the hiatus for the summer months there is NOTHING on television. But I digress. The new science fiction based show Heroes was a new favorite of mine. It recently came out on DVD. So I immediately went out and purchased it because well there is nothing on tv right now. The set is basic 7 discs, special features, deleted scenes, etc. The packaging is pretty simple. No book with pictures or episodes capsules. I did manage to get a free comic book by purchasing it Best Buy.

The promo for the DVD set had hyped a 73 minute pilot never before seen. Now the promotion has apparently caused some confusion. The first episode of Heroes shown on television was presented with limited commercial interruption. Yeah not without commercials just a limited amount. So anyway as the first episode was originally aired it was 52 minutes or so. So the 73 minute un-aired pilot is NOT 73 minutes that have never been seen. Instead it is the first episode plus 20 minutes. Ok but then here is the problem with the DVD. I assumed (yeah we all know what happens when you assume.) that the episode 1 (chapter 1 in this case) in the regular menu would be the 73 minute version. This is incorrect. After watching the 52 minute episode 1 then did I realize that the 73 version is located under the Special Features section of Disc 1. So at this point I had already watched episode 1 and did not want to watch again.

Overall the series is great and I have enjoyed the DVD’s. I have kept tabs on the new season. Check out my google reader TV tag here. There is also a feed.