Deals.Woot Hits Milestone with 100,000th Deal

Woot’s web 2.0 style deal site,, hit a major milestone this month, reaching 100,000 posted logo

Check out the celebration post and get some stats here.

Wondering what the big deal was?

100,000th Deals.woot Deal

Deep Future: The Next 100,000 Years of Life on Earth for $14.46 – A recently published book about the future of our planet by Carl Stager

Congratulations to the Deals.Woot team on hitting this milestone and congrats to Deals.Woot superuser heymo for posting that very appropriate deal!

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Deals.Woot Activity Explodes From New Enhancement

Activity on Woot‘s deal aggregation site has exploded over the past week, what lit the fuse?  A new reputation system that is clear, easy to understand, and gives users hints on actions that they can take to increase their reputation.

Deals.Woot Top Reputation Leaderboard

Deals.Woot Top Reputation Leaderboard

This was a much needed to boost to traffic and user activity, more than making up for the brutal attack on the site’s most active users a few months ago.   Segregation of the site’s more social area and excessive, at times stalking and shockingly personal, moderation of users caused many of the sites most active users to fade into the shadows or abandon the site altogether.

These changes to the reputation system have been in the works for quite a while, but the deals.woot programming team used the time well and the enhancements have been well received.

The new Deals.Woot Reputation Dashboard

Deals.Woot Reputation Dashboard

The new dashboard is the center-piece of the changes, it details how the users rank in all the categories of activities that earn reputation.   It also provides useful hints that inform users what they can do if they want to increase their reputation.

Some activity is bound to drop off after some of the novelty wears off, but this change has made a real difference in getting the users more involved and has given the site a much needed shot of energy.

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Black Friday Shopping Tips

I am a veteran of Black Friday, I’ve seen all the horrors there are to see. I’ve stood in lines that took hours and have grabbed the last space in a parking lot that filled before the store even opened… and the rebates, those evil little rebates!  I’ve also worked retail in an electronics store on Black Friday.  There will be jostling, pushing, groaning, moaning, and cursing.  Thinking buy online? The first place to look for the best deals is you’ll find some of the hottest products. Here are a few thing to do and to avoid doing that will make the day more bearable and hopefully make you a more successful shopper:

  • DO plan ahead make a list of what you want and know the opening times of each store.  Bring the ad along with you just in case
  • DON’T plan on browsing, save that for another day be focused and as specific as possible
  • DO keep a snack and water nearby to stay hydrated and keep your blood sugar up
  • DON’T drink too much of the water at once, you might end up in a loooong line
  • DO  have backup options listed for other stores in case the store with the best deal sells out before you get there
  • DON’T expect to get the biggest deal, that is unless you want to beat everyone else to the line and the item
  • DO be as cheerful as you can, bring gum and share with others in line and be friendly without being a pushover
  • DON’T complain about the length of the line, call everyone else crazy, and act like they are causing a problem by making you wait.  You’re part of the line too and no breaking!
  • DO  prioritize items with instant rebates over mail in rebates, even if the instant rebate is a little more expensive
  • DON’T buy anything you’ll hate yourself for buying if you never get a mail-in rebate back
  • DO look for items in places other than their normal shelf space, look up to a top shelf or for bins nearby where additional items might be stored
  • DON’T forget to check along the lines and near exits for deep discount items that may have been abandoned by someone who doesn’t want to wait in a long line
  • DO check to see it what you have is worth waiting in line for
  • DON’T waste time in a line for a cheap item and give up the chance for a big item at a different store like the swiss avenue dot com.
  • DO be extra careful while driving, there will be lots of pedestrians and other cars rushing around
  • DON’T speed or drive recklessly to get to a deal, a ticket and increased insurance rates will wipe out any savings.
  • DO try to have fun!

Good luck with your Black Friday Shopping!

Walmart Has Gone Too Far!

   Everyone that has worked retail knows that after the discounted Halloween candy has all been sold off, you start pulling out the Christmas stock.  The music on the store radio will start mixing in holiday music and all your customers will complain about these things until Thanksgiving (rightfully).  On Thanksgiving you get together with your family and the conversation always drifts to possible gifts and leads to Black Friday battle plans that would make Napoleon proud.

These are our proud American Traditions, we will complain about and avoid all attempts to make us start shopping early until those drool inducing deals call to us in our overstuffed Thanksgiving stupor.  At that point in time we throw ourselves full force into the marketing machine that is the Holiday Season!

Does Walmart care about our traditions? No.  Does Walmart care about the little guy?  No.  Does Walmart understand anything about the American Family except that we want everything cheap and in one place?  No.

What have they done?  They are trying to move Black Friday to the Friday after Halloween!  Jerks!  You can’t mess with an American Tradition like Black Friday and hope to get away with it!  Boycott these deals!  Do not let this stand! I for one will not stand in line and fight for your anti-American deals!