FriendFeed – Just A Baby Step

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FriendFeed is all the rage. I am trying it of course. I am not so interested in Lifestreaming as having many sites information all in one place. It is an aggregator. Aggregation is a time saver. Really that is what Google Reader is all about. A feed reader is just aggregating content. The inline commenting in FriendFeed is very cool. The new conversation aspect is cool. The post back to twitter is cool too.  FriendFeed is a cool site and must for now.  I like FriendFeed.

But everyday I read another article about how to deal with information glut. Today I read an article about the lack of new content. Scoble mentioned how blogging had changed since last year. The point is that new content is hard to find.

What’s next? I dunno but it will be called by some catch phrase buzz word. Not sure what it will be called and I know it does not matter. What’s next for feed reading and for information processing? Not sure who has the answer. One would think it would be Google. Not a bunch of former Googlers. In any case I am tired of the baby steps but such is life.

I am confident that 5 years from now progress will win out and we will read and disseminate what is important to us and leave the rest.

This directly has to do with what I call 10 minute time. I have a half written post about 10 minute time saved as a draft from 6 months ago. In a nutshell I want to spend 10 minutes and read what is important and interesting to me. I only want to spend 10 minutes. My life is not the web. The web is great and I hope the future will hold the answer to this information overload.

By the way this post is not new content either just an observation to be recorded on this day.

Google Reader Future for Comments and Collaboration

feed-705596.pngScoble gave his feedback on the recent enhancements in Google reader. The reader team added social networking functionality as we have all seen. It really got me thinking. So here goes. What if I could correspond with friends within Google Reader. I know it is the “Inbox for the Web” but I want an extension of my Gmail inbox fully in Reader. For example, when you click the email button at the bottom of a post you can email to a friend. But, they receive that email in Gmail. How about a Inbox for Reader email within Reader? Send and receive emails related to Reader in Reader. Powered by Gmail it would label (tag) all mails sent and received from Reader with a Reader label. Many people use reader as a tool for blog research. Blog collaborators could then more easily exchange info.

Scoble does make a positive point with no. 14 on his list. “While I’m at it, I’d love to add a comment onto each item so I could tell you why I thought it was important.” This is one things that draws me to Inline commenting the way describes it is cool. But commentary or notations within Reader for your friends only would be great also. Commenting of both types would be the best. Google Reader comments in my view would allow you to post a comment in at least 4 ways. 1 as a simple private notation for the user. 2 as a collaborative comment for friends. 3 as a comment for the world on the shared items blog. 4 as a comment for the author of the post inline (as describes) . Commenting functionality is a necessary next step to Google Reader.

The Google Reader enhancements of the last few days although raw are for the better. I certainly hope that, Bloglines, and any future competitor with a creative feature set will continue to push and challenge Google reader. I am confident that the Reader team will respond with enormous benefits to the end user. – Google Reader on Steroids?

favorit.jpgI am a Google reader fan. To get me off Google reader will be difficult. But, along comes Closed beta. Bummer. I am on the list but the screenshots look amazing. Scoble likes it so thats a plus for its chances.

Anyhow its a cool concept. It is like Google Reader on Steroids. Google reader is clean, has a shared feed, and keyboard shortcuts. As Scoble pointed out, any reader competitor that would get his attention (use) would need at least these things and more.

I am totally with him. From the home page this is their feature set so far…

* Full cycle feed reading. We aggregate – you read and reply all without leaving our site.
* Stream reading – single reading window that fills up with content as you scroll.
* Inline replying – Within our list and stream views you can post a reply and then just continue reading without leaving the page.
* Slicing – Quickly switch what you want to read by category, rank or tag.
* Blogging Platform – We have a unique take on how to start blogging.
* Republishing Platform – Take content and republish however you want.

What strikes me is the inline replying and the republishing platform. They will save and organize inline replies to be used as blog content later. Cool concept. A forum post or blog comment today will be a blog post tomorrow.

I can’t wait to try this. Links. Scoble Mashable ReadWriteWeb

400 Million Downloads!!!

Foxkeh banners for Firefox 2Yeah this is old news but I just saw that Firefox has passed the 400 million download mark. That is a lot of downloads. If you are still in the dark ages of browsing and think IE is the browser of choice wake up! Firefox is lean, mean, secure, and feature rich. Extensions make the Firefox experience so beyond the IE one. IE7 is just a poor copy of some just some of the Firefox features. Spread Firefox today.

Hungry? Order Online At

pepperoni2.jpgHungry? Order online at is new web 2.0 player that offers online ordering and menus from Hundreds of restaurants. What does Foodler say?

“Foodler makes online ordering of take-out and delivery food from local restaurants quick and easy!”

Foodler was started in Boston, Mass and has quickly grown to Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, Chicago, and Baltimore. The convenience factor is the greatest part of this up and comer. The ability to see hundreds of menus and order online is great. Give it a try. They are growing quickly and looking to add more metro areas soon. This is an interesting concept and a web site to watch.