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I’ll be staying up late tonight to watch the beginning of April 1st 2011 and have some fun looking at all the great April Fools Days pranks on the web.

Be on the lookout for updates but I think you can expect something from a few repeat offenders:

Woot.comThinkgeek.com, and even Google.com

It’s been a few years since I’ve covered April Fools Day web pranks but you can check out a few older posts and you can also rank this year’s pranks at aprilfoolsdayontheweb.com

Updates – Here we GO!

Google Romance: “… you’ll live happily, and contextually, ever after.”

ThinkGeek’s products are up! – Get an “I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords” shirt with $15 purchase.  My favorite of the bunch – Angry Birds Pork Rinds:

>  All YouTube videos can now be played in 1911 silent mode – about time, the talkies ruined everything!  Maybe not available on all of them though.

>  Looking for some good pranks?  Looks like you can change someone’s Google’s language preference to Elmer Fudd or their Facebook to Pirate-English!  Details@ USAToday.com

> Update 12:47am EST – Time to head over to see what Woot! has coming up at 1am EST!  Usually there is a bag of crap around – read carefully!  Get your credit cards ready!

> Ok So Woot is making you complete game levels as their smart post snail delivering Bags of Crap to earn your April Fools Day bag of crap- I think I grabbed one but the site is acting funky for me so we’ll see.   Avoid the obstacles and shoot the packages with your spacebar, but only shoot into the houses wondering where their BOC has gotten off to!

- Looks like they are trying to fix the funky, as an FYI you the BoC are broken into segments, one allotment per game level.  Looks like I got off easy and snagged a level 1 Crap, keep playing and level up to get the higher level craps… and let me just say HAHA that snail is sloooooowwww :-p

-And it’s back – you’ll need flash to play if you are having problems make sure you are up to date and flash is not blocked!

- Get your Crap?  Brag about it over in the Deals.Woot Community Section ( I’m Tygerdave – say hello!)

> Kodak is touting their new app, Relationshiffft! - “Status change? Don’t delete…Relationshiffft!   Photo and video person purge helps you move on.”

> Nerd Comic xkcd goes 3D – The joke will be on you when you puke after the 45 seconds…  (also seems to have broken image linking on newer comics so you’ll have to go yourself)

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  • http://profiles.google.com/brechindo Van D.

    Be sure to visit http://www.xfire.com to see Xfire at its sexiest – Gfire, Gaming Guntherfied!

  • saladude

    An online Risk game, they translated the whole website into Swedish Chef language! Bork, bork, bork!

  • http://twitter.com/decultured Jeff Graves

    I made the woot papercraft monkey and posted photos here: http://decultured.com/2011/04/maker-builds/woot-s_april_fools_day_papercraft_monkeys/

  • http://musicandhippies.com/ musicandhippies

    A few great pranks…we did our boss and everything went so smooth. Lets just say he always looks where his walking nowadays

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    Ahaha, I liked those Angry Birds Pork Rinds)) 
    Thanks for the post,  keep it up and dont stop)

  • http://www.dailyvowelmovements.com/ Andrew

    Haha. They are great. I love the angry bird pork rinds as well.

  • http://onlinemarketinginabox.com/ Richard Redmond

    Heh, don’t forget about Wikipedia’s usual shenanigans. It’s been a tradition for that site, it seems, to post about out of this world stories during April Fools. It’s kind of cool that big sites like Wiki and huge internet businesses like Google do stuff like this. It’s content that generates a different kind of buzz all over the online world for one special day.

  • http://firstpageimpact.com/about-internet-marketing-company-salt-lake-city/ Sage Aumick

    It ‘s hard to forget those pranks that Google and Wikipedia pulled. Stints like this create a positive relationship between these massive sites and their clients. This goes to show that internet marketing isn’t all about money, but the relationships built as well.

  • Chris