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As part of my Whimsday series of posts I will occasionally post an idea that I’ve had that I have no time or skill to successfully complete.  I hope maybe you will, it will be wildly successful, and you’ll decide to thank me with a car or something.

Where is the App for 25 Random Things?  What has no one thrown something together yet?  This thing has gone viral on several social networks and if you put together an app that let you list and change your items, send out invites, LINK when your friends install and fill out their 25 random things, and then send out feed notices when someone changes their items – it seems like you would have an easy winner!

I’ve never tried my hand at developing for Facebook but hopefully their are enough features that you could put something together that is snazzier that the ‘notes’ that are currently being used, so somebody get to work on this!  I’ll be awaiting the delivery of my Prowler or failing that a nice hybrid sometime in the next couple of months  :-p

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    Have you guys tried the new 25 Random Things facebook app yet? What do you think? I know the developer and I know he'd like comments. Email me here: glm0210@yahoo.com

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    Though some might say that Facebook user Carolyn Tillie said it best when she wrote on the wall for the Facebook group “I Refuse to Complete the 25 Random Things List:” “I have way more than 25 random things and most of them are extremely interesting and juicy. My close friends know some of them and the joy of our growing friendships is discovering what those random things are in each other — as part of building our friendships; not putting them out to the rest of the universe. Trust me, I am an intensely fascinating person and the 25 random things YOU discover by getting to know ME will be far more interesting than just reading a banal list that I put together.”

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