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This is the first of my Whimsday Wednesday posts.   My latest whim was inspired when the little proxy server I was hosting became overrun.  It turned out I didn’t hide it as well as I thought, and people sucking down 40GB of bandwidth in a few hours can have a negative effect on all your other sites loading.  Once I tracked down the culprit and shut it off, I put up a quick note (see it @  saying that I had not intended it to be a public proxy and I added a google search and a small adsense unit to make it easy for folks to find another proxy and maybe make a couple of bucks.

Well, that worked out well enough that I’ve made enough to pay for a domain name and some cheap proxy hosting so I launched this week!  I still need to do some work on it, but it’s functional.  If you need access to your sites that are blocked by your current network then this can help, but cheap hosting means low bandwidth so I’ve restricted the file size that it can pull down and may have to block some sites myself if it get’s overused.

I hope you find it useful!

Lite Proxy Site

Lite Proxy Site

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