Google Adsense Knows, Taunts Me

I thought Google wasn't supposed to be evil?

I thought Google wasn't supposed to be evil...

In an attempt to drive me mad, Google has been posting adsense ads for both Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and for Pedometers to my site. This juxtaposition of doughy temptation and a capitalistic encouragement of my weight loss attempts is the height of evil! Google knows that it can appeal to either side of my nature, and either way my willpower goes, still profit (or maybe they just want me to walk to Krispy Kreme).

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  • Rowena

    There was a time when I would have agreed that this taunting was too much, but you have control over the impact of capitalism on you. You McKnight, can control your life regardless of capitalist interference. You can ignore the KK images or even indulge in one (a doughnut or even just an image). You can decide whether or not a pedometer is an important part of your exercise program. These images won’t control you, so let it go. Your power comes from losing weight so keep dropping those pounds. You Can Do It!