LG VX11000 – Voyager 2 on the Horizon?

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I’m seeing a very interesting increase in traffic coming in searching for the term ‘VX11000′.  This would presumably be the next in the V, enV/(enV2), and Voyager series from Verizon, although that’s certainly not guaranteed.    The Voyager was Verizon’s response to the iPhone and while an amazing peice of equipment, it certainly didn’t come close to meeting the iPhone killer hype that was piled on it.

If you’re reading this and have come to the site by searching for the VX11000, please leave me a comment and tell me why!  What prompted your search?

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  • Sandy

    I heard about a possible new LG VX11000 phone from snoopdog.com which might possibly be a Voyager 2. I can't decide between the LG Versa or Dare, and was hoping this might be the solution. Can't find any other information on this phone. If you have anything, I'd be so appreciative. Thanks.


  • Ivan

    im looking into a new phone for my new-every-two upgrade, hopefully the new voyager wil be out by then. i like my voyager a lot. the iphone is hot, but its so over-hyped, its disgusting…that and att is crap.

  • Liz

    When's this supposed Voyager 2 supposed to be released?

  • Gary

    I need new verizon phone that do not require data plan. I like the voyager but I've seen bad user reviews that they are frequently replaced. When is this new phone will be out in the market?

  • joyce

    supposed to be a Voyager 2 coming!?

  • Melissa

    When will it be released? And for how much?

  • vickie sloan

    Go to http://www.phonearena.com, there specs there on the new voyager 2.

  • kyle p.

    phonearena.com mentioned this phone with an image claiming it may be the voyager 2.

  • KH

    i came here because i literally have had the worst luck with phones. my first phone (random blue brick phone) my sister broke by putting the wrong charger in the charger hole…thanks sis! my second phone (an old phone which i referred to as the fat phone) fell out of my pocket at a volleyball tournament. my third phone (LG strawberry chocolate) had issues where it would randomly not work or it would randomly shut off so verizon replaced it for free. my fourth phone (the replaced strawberry chocolate) the charger hole randomly fell out of the phone. after that i got my 5th phone (the maroon LG env2) which a couple months later became destroyed because a hefty girl who I played volleyball with sat on it, but verizon replaced that leading to my 7th phone (the replacement maroon LG env2) which someone stole at a volleyball tournament. my parents decided that i am not responsible enough to take care of a phone so the gave me my 8th phone (a blue krazr) which I hated, but of course, with my luck that phone broke too and the screen completely died. I had to wait for a month for my mom to take me to the verizon store to get me a new phone. when i finally got to the verizon store to buy my new phone we were told that i had ended my contract and i was eligible for my free update, well my mom (who has the env) decides that she needs a new phone too. she decides to take my free update and get herself a new phone (THE NEW BLACKBERRY STORM) while i get stuck with my 9th phone (her old env) and i have to wait until June to get my free update. my favorite part of my mom giving her phone to me was that the charger hole was already broken, so it could not transfer over her contacts or mine. later when i went on vacation in utah to ski, of course at the most inconvenient time, my phone battery decides to fall out of my phone and make my life worse. i temporarily fixed this problem by putting a hairtie around it and later getting a zebra stripe case. when i didn't think my phone could get any worse it suddenly did. i was in reno, nv for a volleyball tournament and our coaches decided that it was a terrific idea to take away our phones and night and also when we play. when our chaperone gives me back my phone, she says it won't charge. i immediately assume she is insane and try to plug it into the wall, of course at my dismay she wasn't the one who was insane, i was because i became insanely infuriated that my phone had yet again broken down. i have not gotten a new phone because thanks to mother dearest i have to wait until sometime in june to get my new phone. thanks mom, thanks for always looking out for me. knowing i would be getting my new phone in june i wanted to see what new phones would be released then so that i could be ready to pick my phone immediately. i found this website in search of new phone releases and was very disappointed the voyager2 is being released in the end of november. but with my luck, i will be on my 13th phone that i need to get in november and will purchase the voyager2.

  • NicoleJW

    I have had the Orange LG EnV for almost 2 years now. I switched to LG because I had owned two Motorolas in the years previous to the LG. I've been extremely impressed with my enV and impressed with LG altogether.

    It is now time to upgrade, and although I was ITCHING to do it, I just can't decide on what I want. When the Blackberry Storm came out, I was convinced that it was what I wanted. I've tested it and it is an impressive phone. But the one thing I was not willing to part with was my non-touchscreen keyboard. I am IN LOVE with the EnV's keyboard and the touchscreen one's just aren't the same.

    So I've been researching for weeks. The EnV2 just wasn't my style. Love the inside because it still has my keyboard, but I hate the outside. And although the EnV3 has potential and it is definitely more appealing on the outside, I still don't know how I feel about it. I've seriously been consiering the Voyager. It's a touchscreen (and I definitely feel like I need to get with the times and get one), but I still would have the option to flip it open and use a keyboard. And actually, I was pretty sold on it up until 5 minutes ago.

    I started searching for last minute options and I came across the possibility of a Voyager 2. And if the picture I saw it accurate, than yes! I'll wait! It looks like it may be a little less bulky than the Voyager and I'm all for it. So how long do I have to wait???? Because I'm DYING for a new phone!!!

  • J

    i heard it on phone arena

  • tonio

    I'm here because I want an Iphone, and was hoping that the Voyager 2 would be way better than the Voyager. If so that would keep me on the Verizon network for a little while longer. I want the Storm, but don't want the extra expense for a data plan.

  • the dude
  • Nick

    I'm up for renewal in July… I LOVE my Env2 but want a web browser, better camera with flash and I hope its touch screen will allow page flipping, gestures and that slick doodle pad from the Dare/Versa! I CAN NOT get used to the touch screen keyboard, especially since the Env2/Voyager keyboards are so well laid out and easy to use. I need my 4-way navigation, shortcut keys and tactile feel!!!

  • Nick

    one more thought… Hold your Voyager or Env2 with thumbs poised at the keyboard… Imagine emailing and surfing the web, using the external touch screen as a touch pad… your fingers are right there! The hardware is already built-in! Use the OK key (or another designated key) to select (double-click) instead of tapping the screen… now you can scroll around without selecting the WRONG item and the touch screen can be even more sensitive to direction and gestures. Yep, that's MY perfect phone. I could leave my laptop at home!

  • Nick

    i'm upgrading soon and was gunna get the voyager but heard stuff about a voyager 2 coming out in the near future… just wondering if i should hold off to get that intead… really just trying to find a real release date because ive seen stuff about 2008 and its already may 09 and haven't seen it yet…. i have 11 days until i'm eligible..

  • Nick

    You said you were up for renewal in July and now you say you are “eligable” in 11 days… WTF is it? idiot.

  • Phil

    I have the voyager and was just wondering what I would get when my 2 yrs is up and I can upgrade. Thanks for your info

  • matilda

    i leaving this comment because im getting a phone and i dont kno if i should wait and if so for how long? Is the EnV touch worth waiting for???

  • Ed Kress

    They are making covers for it!

  • http://www.dotcomwirelessusa.com/ Ed Kress

    BlackBerry Niagara 9630 is coming out in May to Verizon sometime! If you are looking for protection covers send me a email to ekress12@dotcomwireless.com. Include the cellphone model. Best Prices on all protective covers and accessories.

  • Dina Squires

    I was searching to see if there was going to be a smaller..less thick version of the voyager coming out before I get my upgrade. I know as soon as I get an upgrade…they will come out with a new one!

  • Rich

    i have it on pretty good knowledge. that the vx11000 is going to be the new voyager 2.. was told its probably going to be released in july. was hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of it.. also because i am switching to verizon just looking to get a newer phone.

  • sdath

    Salesman in a Verizon store told me today the Voyager 2 (vx11000) is being released June 5.

  • Bob Sagget

    FuCk VeRiZoN!!!

  • Arin

    I have a verizon voyager and it is black i love it the touch screen and the key board .the battery on the phone doesnt last that that long but i still love it

  • C-Fresh

    yeah i have the titanium version

  • Samantha

    i came across your site while searching for the VX11000 (voyager 2)….searched for it because i have the Voyager & i was told by a Verizon sales rep that the Voyager 2 was in the works…i am curious to see what the differences are & what they have done different in the design.

    p.s. I LOVE THE VOYGER (VX10000)

  • andrew

    omfg i have the lg voyager 2 and it blows my socks off!!!i f*****g luv this thing it is the hottest thing that ever lived on the face of verizon wireless… i also have the new samsung alias 2 and that is almost as hot as the voyager 2 but sadly no touch screen on the alias 2

  • michael

    i have the voyager and i hate it. 1) the bottons click every time you press one 2) no apps. no mypsace. no facebook 3) cant use itunes with it. 4) bad battery life 5) really bad touch screen 6) makes calls in your pocket 7) no regular headphone jack. I HATE MY PHONE haha

  • Anna

    I have the Voyager and I have seen and “played” with the IPhone…yes the IPhone has applications for rediculous, fun, and random things (i.e. a jack o lantern app that doesn't nothing but make jack o lantern faces) BUT the Voyager is SO much better, especially for people who text a lot because it opens to a keyboard as everyone knows. the IPhone doesn't do that it's just a touch screen and while touch screens are cool and everything it's somewhat difficult to type texts with because if your finger slips you could it a wrong button and never know it.

    I saw a very minor glimpse of the Voyager 2…and by minor i mean i heard the word oyager 2 and the commercial was gone! i tried looking it up online and people are saying it's a prototype at the moment and is still evolving as a phone…I have looked on LG's site, and Verizon's site and nothing has come up. I would like to know what's going on with the phone


  • MRE

    You can turn off button sounds and there is a lock on the touch screen to prevent it from prank-calling. Also, a holster might be better than keeping it in a pocket. I have an extended battery on mine and get about 2 days between charges.

  • MRE

    I did a search on the new Voyager because I'm in charge of cell phones for my company and I've had several users ask about it. I have the original (black) Voyager and I'm due for an upgrade soon as well.

  • http://MoveOnUp.US/ Smiddieus

    I can not find any free apps. Everything you want to do cost money or must pay a monthly fee. I am considering on taking mine back.

  • brittany

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  • kaylajanese

    I have the vx11000 its an awesome phone so far and have no problems with it. I came to this page wondering what headphones to use.

  • jamaicanbacon

    OMFG I hate this VX1100. You ask why? Every time i plug it in to charge, the connection comes loose and the phone stops charging. All that has to happen is a the slightest nudge and the phone doesn't charge. So many times I have assumed the phone charged overnight and then have the battery die in the middle of the day. I am trading this phone in tomorrow. What ever you do, don't buy this phone!

  • Mo

    New Polaris 7 browser in the Env Touch's latest software update.

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    I currently have the Voyager and absolutely love it. However my luck hasn't been that great and getting referbished ive had to run around with people. Or (which is common with 1st generation phones) now im eligible for an upgrade and I think worth it any other Verizon phones. I have a touch screen and keyboard and can not love others. So I see when the next one is due out just how much longer I want to hold on to your advanced.

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    OMFG I hate this VX1100. You ask why? Every time i plug it in to charge, the connection comes loose and the phone stops charging. All that has to happen is a the slightest nudge and the phone doesn’t charge.
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