iTunes + Toluu = Podcast Love

Toluu, the RSS sharing and suggestion site, can also be used for podcasts! A little known feature of iTunes will allow you to export a list of all the Podcasts you listen to into a format that Toluu can read and import. Here’s how:

- Right click the Podcast list in iTunes and select Export Song List to get a list of your podcasts:

Itunes Podcast Export

- To export your podcast list in OPML be sure to select that file type from the drop down list:

Save podcast export as an OPML file

- Import into to Toluu just as you would any other OPML file.

The more people do this the better chance you’ll get podcast recommendations so spread the word and import your own today! If you use an alternate program to manage podcasts try to find a way to export the list in an OPML format, Google is your friend here if you need help. Right now there isn’t anything in Toluu to label a feed as a podcast unless it’s already in the name. If items uploaded from iTunes were specifically labeled or if Toluu implements a tagging scheme, this could get easier.

PS – I have Toluu invites, leave a comment if you need one.  For more on Toluu check out my interview with Caleb Elston, the founder.

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  • calebelston

    You beat us to the bunch! We have been looking into how to make podcasts a first class citizen in Toluu. In-line audio and a way to mark them as podcasts are top on the list. Toluu is all about sharing your feeds, be them blogs, photos, video, or audio. We are best at text and photo feeds now, but will be working towards others in the future.


  • KnightKnetwork

    Haha, sorry to steal your thunder. I am running out of book credits on
    Audible so I was thinking I needed to add some more podcasts for my
    commute. Toluu immediately came to mind. I looked at the export file and
    it does mention that iTunes created it but that wouldn't help with other
    sources of course. User tags would be something interesting to have, but if
    you can automate marking them as podcasts then so much the better. I'm
    looking forward to it!

  • Mike Post

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  • Bethany K Ford

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  • Fahd Iqbal Malik

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