3G iPhone Price and Release Date


Image by Dekuwa via Flickr

My man on the inside has reported that the 3G iPhone was announced today to great fanfare. A few quick points:

  • 8GB 3G iPhone – $199
  • 16GB 3G iPhone – $299
  • Small Battery (in size)
  • 5 hours Talk time
  • Real GPS instead of cell phone triangulation
  • Many more countries
  • Available July 11th

I also hear that it was a great keynote and one of the biggest cheers went up when India was announced as one of the new countries where the phone would be available.

See Also: More pictures and Live Blog

There should be a drop in price on ebay for the 1st generations soon:

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    It's funny how quickly the 3G went from being awesome to outdated! keeping churning out better iphones Apple, we love 'em.

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