Sad News From Wesabe

Some sad news from Wesabe this week, CEO Jason Knight is stepping down to care for his new son:

If you follow Wesabe on Twitter, you know that a few weeks ago, Jason Knight, our CEO, and his wife Jane welcomed a new son into their family. Unfortunately, their son was born with a serious respiratory disorder, and has been in and out of intensive care since his birth. While the prognosis for his long-term health is good, he has required and will continue to require very close care for a period of years. The amount of care and attention Jason’s son and whole family need at this point have led Jason to decide that he must resign from his position at Wesabe and focus on his son’s health.

You can read more on Wesabe’s blog.  I’m sure this was probably one of the hardest decisions Jason has had to make in some ways, and the quite the easiest in others.  It’s a brave and noble thing to do and Jason and his family will be in my prayers.  I briefly met Jason on my visit to Wesabe last month and he immediately comes across as a kind and good natured man, I have no doubt that his presence will be a nurturing and comforting presence for his new son.

Wesabe will be in good hands as Marc Hedlund steps in as interim CEO.  I know Marc stays very busy already and I wish him well as he takes on the CEO responsibilities.   I have no doubts that the wonderful staff of Wesabe will pull together and support both Marc and Jason.

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    Is a very bab news, I pray for his family…